Friday, 7 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 6

Voting ends on Monday and here are the 11th and 12th bands which make up our shortlist of 6 Machine contenders. Don't forget to hit to listen through them all and cast your vote

PS. New Secondsmile album artwork:

Our Own Devices

1. Introduce yourselves
Adam who does the bass, Dan who does the drums, Rhys who does the moaning, Kareem who does a guitar and Luke who does another guitar ...and we're based in London. Hello lovers

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Its moody, muscular and moving. Check the alliteration. Explosive noise with subtle spaciousness. It can be pretty bleak at times and thats how we like it. We've been compared to bands such as Fugazi and Shellac, Isis, At The Drive-In and Mogwai, but we only really listen to two of those bands. Its refreshing for us because we never even take those sounds into consideration when we're writing. We're happy with most comparisons, we know far more about how we don't want to sound than concentrating on sounding like someone whose music we admire.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
Arab Strap, At The Drive-In, The Smiths, Nick Cave, Botch, Radiohead, Low, A Silver Mt. Zion

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We can't single out one specifically but last year we did two mini-tours in Latvia, the awesome boys in Jairus took us the first time and then we went back on our own. The folks out there are absolutely the nicest people we've met. They made such an effort to make sure we were all smiling/well-fed/drunk all the time. And those shows were the first time we saw the crowd beating on themselves in time with our songs. The ending of our first UK tour with Cats&Cats&Cats was also amazing. Catsx3 joined us on stage at the end of our set and burst everyone's eardrums, culminating in a Roman bath house boy bundle.We played at the Carling Weekender in Leeds last August, which provided Adam with the oppurtunity to scare the entire female cast of Hollyoaks off the dance floor in a khaki nappy.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Shield Your Eyes, They Died Too Young, Papillons, FBC Fabric and Reindeer, Wild Dogs In Winter, Los, Gin Panic, Wow! Pigeon Eyes, Shoes and Socks Off, Crown On The Rats Orchestra. The rest of the bands we'd have put on this list have already upped and come. Also, they're not United Kingdom-ish, they're French, but we saw Pneu the other night and they were human ballistas. Check them out. A lot



1. introduce yourselves
hey up, we are four chaps called: tristan, jeremy, michael and hank. we play and write music together in the fine city of norwich

2. how would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
i would say we sound a little bit like this: whisky tango foxtrot? lima oscar lima.mp3 - have a listen.

3. who are your biggest influences?
we all have our own different tastes in music, which i think is important. my favourites are: mock orange, steve reich, stapleton, toe, botch, p.e.e, faraquet and many others! me and jerry are both big braid fans and there are a number of bands we all love, such as: american football, devo, talking heads, the dismemberment plan, this town needs guns, spy versus spy etc.

4. what's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
we haven't really been doing this very long, but so far we've been having an awesome time!!! we've played on some dead good gigs! highlights would be: meet me in st louis and blakfish for the otter boys in leeds, and the super sweet show at bardens in london with this town needs guns, colour and tubelord - good! we have also made it into rock sound's 'ones to watch' list and had stuff played on huw stephens radio one show.we are in the middle of recording and writing new stuff at the moment and plan to have a release out later this year, as well as a 7inch split with this town needs guns and a mega buff tour to support the release. super looking forward to hanging out with those boys some more!

5. tell us about some other cool up and coming uk artists
the uk is chucking out some ruddy good music at moment, i for one am quite exited! this town needs guns would have to be our favourite - it's a joy see them play live. we've heard some of their new stuff in sound check and it's mind blowing! really, really looking forward to their album later this year. other favs would be:
super tennis - north london shouty melodic fun.
ankles - dianogah style drums and duel bass guitars.
hombolt - featuring members of dartz! dead good.
colour - mathy guitar lead pop.
you me the switch - bloody brilliant instrumental guitar loveliness akin to toe
instruments - good old fashioned math rock.
tellison - poppy indie-emo reminiscent of the get up kids.
i'm also exited that stapleton are rumoured to be releasing a new album on xtra mile, which will undoubtedly make me wee my pants with joy :) we also all love: this aint vegas, dartz! and spy versus spy amongst others. way to go the uk!


(Technically not a picture of the band, but it is a picture from the band, and it does make me laugh everytime I look at it)

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