Tuesday, 4 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 3

Another day another dollar, as Yap from nu-metal giants One Minute Silence once sang. Whatever happened to him? Last I heard he was touring front rooms telling anyone who would listen about his political views. Maybe we should invite him down to speak between bands at the St Patrick's Day gig? That could be fun.

I'm off to London later on. Going for a couple of meetings, the Truck launch party and then to check out a venue for what could potentially be the party of the year. Well, April, at least. Keep em peeled.

Here are the next 2 profiles for the 6 Machine. Keep those votes coming, we had 400 in the first day. Right now there are only 10 votes separating 1st and 4th place!

Copy Haho

1. Introduce yourselves
Hello, we're a band called Copy Haho from Stonehaven in Scotland -we formed through a mutual love of skydiving and amateur wrestling.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
I'd describe our music as guitar pop. Hooks, rolling beats andpunchy enough to grunge out to. We don't take ourselves too seriously,but we care a lot about the music we make. The live show usuallyconsists of us laughing at each other for making stupid mistakes.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
We all really love bands like The Stooges, Husker Du, Dino Jr &Pavement. I'm not sure how much of an influence they've had on the waywe write/play music, but we definitely appreciate the records they'veput out.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
One highlight was playing a few shows with Chin Up Chin Up fromChicago - they're all super nice guys and they sound great both liveand on record! That whole tour was great fun!We've got a bunch of dates booked for March, April & May! We'replaying a couple of Triptych shows too - one with Sebadoh in Glasgowand another with The Dirty Projectors in Aberdeen! Other than that,we're going to be doing some more recording in April, we may even tryand get some sort of single release worked out too.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
You should all check out Dananananaykroyd, Johnny Foreigner, HeldBy Hands, Shittalker, PVH, Hyena & Plaaydoh! They're all super-doopergreat bands.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/copyhaho

My First Tooth

1. Introduce yourself / How would you describe your music / Who are your biggest influences?
A friend at a magazine wrote this and I think it serves well as an introduction...

My First Tooth is the brain child (and love child) of Ross Witt.Influenced and inspired by bands like the Eels, Okkervil River, TheGood Life and Neutral Milk Hotel, Witt initially began MFT as a solo singer songwriter project with an unabashed adoration of modern indie-folk. But, with an enthusiastic response from many local musicians (and the addition of violins and more vocals) it quickly developed into something else... something grand and with ambition but slightly awkward and unsure of itself at the same time.

Witt’s admiration for musicians like Joanna Newsom and Will Sheff shine through in his eloquent and lucid storytelling, which raises the whole project way above the usual singer songwriter dross. Yes, Witt can spina yarn about a boy with a broken heart but he’ll do it so subtly and deftly that it will wrap you up in a blanket under the stars and enchant you like the first fairy tale you heard as a child. These songs can be a lullaby for lost and the lonely or a swift punch to the chest,but either way, we defy you not to be moved. (written by Music For Squares)

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
Just touring almost constantly since November 07 has been brilliant. We've played over 60 shows in the UK and Ireland and got a lot better (hopefully!). The plan for the rest of the year is to keep on playing as much as possible, and to get a record recorded.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
'Liam Dullaghan' (www.myspace.com/liamdullaghan) and 'Line & a Dot' (www.myspace.com/abovethevaultedsky) are both from Northampton and are incredible. Seriously. Also we played with 'The Rosie Taylor Project' recently who are very very good.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/myfirsttooth

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