Monday, 3 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 2

Continuing our in-depth look into the murky world of the 6 Machine's shortlisted bands, here are the next 2 for you to read about. Whether or not it sways your decision as to who you should vote for, well who knows?

The Defeat

1. Introduce yourselves
Hello there, nice to meet you. We are The Defeat. We are a four-piece rock band from the lovely town of Reading in Berkshire (which is, coincidentally, twinned with Dusseldorf). We have been together since March/April of 2007.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Well you see, this question often leaves us stumped. I suppose we could refer you to our influences, but that would be avoiding the question. We seem to draw frequent comparisons with the bands Biffy Clyro, The Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky, which is all very flattering. I guess we try and achieve music which is on the one hand very melodic, but at the same time musically interesting and shifting. We try, as far as possible, to create a 'big' sound. There you go.
3. Who are your biggest influences?
Again, quite a difficult one, as between us we enjoy a huge range of music. We like some very noisy things like Coalesce, Botch and Cave-In, but the influences that probably come through in our sound are the more pretty/melodic bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Smiths, Bloc Party, Cross My Heart, Benton Falls, (and the many early Deep Elm bands of that ilk). We also very much enjoy the music of the scandanavians. Older stuff like Sigur Ros, Last Days Of April and Mew, and more recently The Kissaway Trail, Loney Dear and Jeniferever. Finally, some of that pop music that's around, we love that. Cast your ear over the charts now and again...there really are some banging tunes afoot. It's all about the melodies.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We've been having a whale of a time thus far. Some nice things have happened to us indeed. We've played with some fantastic acts, such as; Itch, youthmovies (one of our favourite UK bands), Frank Turner, and we were lucky enough to play MMISL's last show, a sad occasion though it was, they really tore it to shreds. We've had some good shows in London at super venues like The Fly and the Monto Water Rats. We had a an article written about us in The Fly, that was grand. As for 2008, we are dead excited as we have some new recordings that are almost finished. One of which got us in this here competition. We have some more lovely shows lined up with Marvins Revolt and youthmovies and then...who knows. We intend to play as much as possible and try and meet more of the nice people of this world.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Well, there are a couple that we really like, one being Caesura. We played with them in London, they are a spiffing live band and kindly chaps to boot. Other bands we really think you should keep an ear out for are Voo, Pennines, Chrik, Maths and The Scrape. The independent music scene in this country is pretty damm exciting at the moment.



1: Introduce yourselves
We are Blakfish a 4 piece from Birmingham UK. We have been playing together since we were 12 thus explaining the weak name...

2: How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
I swear people put this question in just to frustrate bands... I suppose we sit somewhere in the schizophrenic, stop / start hardcore pigeonhole. That's the journalists favourite anyway.

3: Who are your biggest influences?
Between us we listen to a real broad spectrum from 'Kiss' to 'the Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower' but collectively we all like 'Poison the Well' pre-Puzzle 'Biffy Clyro' 'Circa Survive' 'On the Might of Princes' in fact we all share a weakness for 'Limp Bizkit', but please don't judge us.

4: What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We have been lucky enough to work, and share stages with some great people. Including Spy Versus Spy, This Ain't Vegas, Charlottefield, Ack Ack Ack, Russian Circles, An Albatross, RX Bandits, SikTh, Enter Shikari, Marmaduke Duke, The Scare, DIE! DIE! DIE!, Kid's In Glass Houses and You say Party! We Say die! We also played at Download festival last year, which was pretty surreal but I think the high-light would probably be spending nearly 5 weeks on the road with Meet Me In St. Louis, especially being in Benny's company. As for the rest of 2008 we're off to Ireland with Tubelord at the end of March, and then we're in Europe for the first couple of weeks of April. We then plan to release a new ep sometime early summer, maybe by oursleves. Then we're going to do the whole UK with Tubelord again, hit Europe with Shield Your Eyes and hopefully end up over in the states for a week or two with our mates Villa Vina.

5: Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Without sounding like a brown-nose, even if this competition has made us rivals, we are all huge fans of Colour, Caesura and Pennines. Our other mates Mirror! Mirror! and Rolo Tomassi are both on the up so check them out. Tubelord are incredible, Shield Your Eyes are strangely brilliant. Cutting Pink With Knives are like a McDonalds kids party on speed. Shapes are instrumental perfection and Data.Select.Party make great pop music. I could write about underground UK bands for days, but I'll leave it at that. If you want a tip for Stateside artists check out 'Maps and Atlases' and 'Duck Duck Goose', they'll blow your head off...


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