Wednesday, 5 March 2008

100th post

Seems as good a time as ever to have a party

I searched Google Images for the word 'party' and this was the 5th result. Honest! I don't know if you can see it but the filename is demon-schoolgirl-spanked-at-party.jpg. Says it all really, doesn't it?

Well, the blog has been somewhat overtaken by 6 Machine band profiles but as this is the 100th post I figured it was only right to reclaim a little space and get back to basics. ie me. Talking crap. Posting inappropriate pictures. Blabbering on. I did think about having the Blog Scary Monsters 100th Post Awards. I was going to give myself prizes for Best Spelling Mistake, Stupidest Idea, Most Drunken Post and many others, but then I stopped and considered the point where self-indulgence becomes schizophrenia. 5 of my 7 personalities agreed it was too much.

But never fear, dear, I still have grand plans for this landmark ramble, so lets get this show on the road shall we?

First off, I'd like to share this with you. It's a scan of The Fly magazines review of Anathallo on their very recent UK tour. For all of those who missed them, please consider printing the image, cutting it out and attaching it firmly to the inside of your eyelids. Only remove when standing proudly at the front of the band's very next UK show. Lets just hope it's soon for your sake.

Upon seeing the review, Bret of Anathallo percussion fame said "I should forward that one to my parents and let them know their son is doing alright." The review's so glowing I'm even tempted to show my family.

Moving on, as you may have read, Secondsmile have just finished recording their new album over in New York City, the Big Apple, if you will. From what I've heard it sounds simply stunning and I'm typing this whilst checking my emails every 2.4 seconds, excitedly awaiting the first of the finished mixes to start dropping in. Here's a photo of the band looking windy and cold.

"Mum, I've made it!"

Tim, the rumoured six-handed guitarist from This Town Needs Guns is trying to decide which guitar he should buy next. I don't care what any image-cautious bandmates of Mr Collis might say, this is definitely the axe for him:

Over the weekend Tubelord went to visit Stafford (ever been? Don't. It's terrible) to film the video for their forthcoming single 'Feed Me A Box of Words'. The 7", now set for release on 31st March, can be pre-ordered right now from - Here's a photo, cleverly giving very little indication as to what the video is actually about, to whet that insatiable appetite of yours:

Someone else used that "web 2.0" phrase at me yesterday, I still don't get it. I nodded and smiled, I hope I wasn't agreeing to something unpleasant.

Last night was the Truck festival launch party. It was held on a tiny farm in the middle of Hackney, East London. There were chickens, wooden farmyard animals, a small marquee, live music and lots of free drink. They announced a handful of bands for the festival along with details of their new project, Wood, a very organic sounding weekend where bands play on either a solar-powered main stage or a bicycle-powered second stage, amongst composting toilets and all number of classes and workshops. During the the course of the evening Nima from Hush The Many (whose new single is coming out via our sister label, Alcopop, delightfully) took to the stage, or more accurately, the room with the beer and heaters, to play a couple of impromptu acoustic songs. Don't believe me? Screw you

Myself and Jack are having one of our Alcopop "meetings" tonight, which means hours of drinking, printing/cutting/folding/sticking CD sleeves, Ugmosis and most probably some sort of offensive blog post.

I think that pretty much raps up this wild celebration of literally triumph. I'm satisfied and my neck is killing me, so I think that means this one's a winner.

More 6 Machine interviews to come tomorrow. Keep voting. Take it sleazy

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