Monday, 31 March 2008

Tubelord out today!

The debut single from Tubelord is out today! To-bloody-day!

Buy it from Banquet, itunes or the BSM shop. Or maybe all three, if you're a 'Lord loving greedy pig, which I for one heartily condone.

I'm the Statman

The start of another grey, overcast week in Oxford. How many of your forgot to change your clocks and overslept today? Come on, admit it. Today is the last day of the month which means that a good lot of you out there will be out and about flittering away your pay cheques on frivolous activities, toys and fun. Unfortunately, being self-employed without a dedicated wage it's not quite so fun for me. The end of the month means no pay cheque, but lots of lovely, lovely bills. The worst combination. Oh what I'd do to have it the other way around!

A few months back regular readers may remember I posted a little message regarding the blog stats, who's reading it and where in the world these people are. Well here's the update I figured (4/10 for that pun) that you'd all be desparate to know how the leaderboard is looking now. Here are the highlights:

The country of Panama have entered the race with one person checking this page out. Once. Come back, Panama, we still love you!

Russia currently boasts just 7 visitors, which is more than a little disappointing considering the size of the country. I hereby promise to write more posts about vodka, misiles and Viktor Onopko. I'll make it relevant for you yet, this is a multinational family here!

Philippines have shot up to a delightful 5 visitors, which is great news! Cheers Philippinos!

Denmark are currently outclassing the others in the battle for dominance in Scandinavia, offering 37 vistiors compared to a decent 21 from Sweden, tired 11 from Norway and a lacklustre 4 from Finland.

And now to you, Africa: 1 visit from South Africa and that's it for the whole continent! Come on! Pull your socks up, people!

Friday, 28 March 2008

New Secondsmile track!

They've only gone and bloody done it, 'aven't they?!

Do you want to hear a track from the brilliant forthcoming Secondsmile album?

Stupid question. Get on it:

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Another day another STUPID video

How is it that it can absolute piss it down all day yesterday yet today is full of glorious sunshine? I just don't understand it. Neither did my sweat glands as I trekked into town in my big coat.

Mother Nature: get your head in the game, blud.

Remembering a previous conversation with Dave from the band, as well as the opening line from the NME feature, for some reason I started thinking about Tubelord and, more specifically, how to dance to them. Stop-start rhythms and awkward time signatures coupled with hooky, sing-along vocals make it a musical contradiction of shapes and sounds, likely to confuse even the most professional amongst you. Well good news, because help is at hand. Here's an educational video I just threw together on the matter:

Sorted? Sorted.

Tonight I'm off to see My First Tooth playing the Port Mahon in Oxford. It's probably the most front room-like venue I've ever been to and after a number of visits I still can't decide if I like it or not. Maybe I'll make a decision tonight? I'll report back tomorrow so not too keep you all hanging on too long.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Psycho! Psycho! Psycho! Sorry to interrupt your enjoyment of Mr Tanbad's incredible beats (below), but today is another one of those Tubelord days.

If you're an NME reader then you may well have already noticed that the Kingston trio have picked themselves up a lovely, lovely live review from last Monday's BSM St Patrick's Day party at The Social in London. It includes the phrases "With their jerky dance-punk rhythms smoothed out into melodic choruses (and aided by a vocal crowd) the trio pose the best kind of dilemma – should we try and dance or concentrate on learning the words?" and "we should celebrate daily that BSM exists to continually discover such thrilling bands."

I very much like the idea of the latter. Feel free to take this matter into your own hands, people.

In other press news, 'Night Of The Pencils' is featured on the latest episode of the Punktastic podcast, which can be downloaded or streamed right here, New-Noise give the 7" a big thumbs up here and there's an interview up on Subba-Cultcha. Xfm have been playing the single and you should be hearing it on Radio One this week, too.

The guys are over in Ireland right now, doing their thing, touring the Guinness factory, drinking with leprechauns and searching for gold, or whatever it is that bands do in Dublin. The response to the UK dates of the last couple of weeks has been brilliant and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who attended. They'll be back out on the road throughout the summer, including the 2000 Trees festival in Cheltenham and a number of London shows.

'Feed Me A Box Of Words' is in shops on Monday. Believe me when I say it's not going to be around for long. Anyone emailing me in 3 months time saying "I meant to buy it but I forgot/had no money/didn't believe you when you said it was going to sell out" will receive little to no sympathy from this cold-hearted "├╝ber-label" (thanks NME)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Myspace Fruit Of The Week

As you probably very well know, there are a whole load of weirdo's out there in Myspace-land. Well I've decided to introduce a new feature to Blog Scary Monsters entitled 'Myspace Fruit Of The Week' where I will bring to your attention a new stranger (in every sense of the word) who has amused me. It's the music equivelant of standing next to your ugly mate in a club, keep an eye on the feature over the next few weeks and you'll truly learn to appreciate the splendour of the BSM roster. First up...

Psycho Tanbad

This rude boi rapper from London, New York, Miami and Jamaica (quite impressive for one man) sounds like Sean Paul - my most hatest "musician" of all time, FYI - crossed with Shaggy. Having requested the friendship of BSM a number of weeks ago I've left him pending whilst considering jacking in this indie lark and taking the label down a very different avenue. Sadly for Pyscho I'm not a complete dickhead and won't be signing any ridiculously shite rappers anytime soon. Indie 4eva, soz.

Status: Friendship rejected

Listen to: Body Nuh Crawny


Love is in the air

As Jack and the rooster's eyes met for the first time across the gravelly surface, you knew it was love. The cartoon hearts fluttered around their heads and from that moment on, they were one.

With an excellent bank holiday weekend behind me I'm sitting here looking, smelling and struggling like a shell of a human being. A heavy pub crawl through all three bars in the village of Gretna, winding up being hustled at pool, talked about as "those lads who ain't from round 'ere" by some old men in the toilets and crashing a 40th birthday party in the local Social club was the tale of Saturday. Sunday saw us enjoying a much-tighter-than-the-scoreline-suggests 3-0 victory for Celtic over Gretna, a home game for the latter, albeit 150 miles West due to many stadium and adminstration complications. This was followed by a quick, accidental drive through Dedridge, a small town which does itself no favours by more than living up to it's name and easily winning the Kevin Douch 2008 award for Bleakest Town, before we arrived in Edinburgh. A fine city, as many of you are aware, I'm sure, we squeezed in all the sightseeing we could muster in the final 30 minutes of daylight, before beginning drinking, eating free Subway and starting a night-long battle with Scottish quiz machines, losing more than our accomodation for the night would cost. Ending in a club where they played Capdown followed by Finch, with all drinks £1 and over 100 spent between us, Monday's 8 hour drive home was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. And I was only a passenger!

Hot off the BSM news desk...

This Town Needs Guns have begun recording their debut album. Drums, guitar and bass have been laid down for a small number of tracks, with vocals and small overdubs to be added this coming weekend. The band will be working on the rest of the record slowly over the next two months, but keep checking for regular updates.

Tubelord are still out on tour and having a great time of it. They're off to Ireland today for four shows and lots of Guinness. Check out this weeks NME for a live review of last Monday's London show.
Anathallo have added a track from their forthcoming new album to - it's my joint favourite track from the record and I hope you'll love it too.

Secondsmile are off for a few dates with their new favourite band, Colour, in early April. They'll also be recording a special episode for the BSM podcast, which will feature a couple of new tracks from the album. Speaking of which, one will be up on their Myspace page later this week.

I'm still busy working on the special release I vaguely mentioned last week. More details of that to follow shortly, but it's shaping up brilliantly.

Now I'm off to eat leftover Lamb and watch Neighbours, no doubt tuning into BBC1 for 5 minutes before remembering I'm four channels short.

Friday, 21 March 2008

This weekend

Just finished series one of Prison Break, my Lost substitute and latest addiction. Bring on series two.

I'm off to Scotland for two days. I've only been once before and it just so happened to coincide with the worst snowfall Glasgow has seen in 10 years. Surely thunder can't strike twice?

Forget "the big four" playing one another on Sunday, it's all about Gretna v Celtic. I'll be there. So will this lad:

See you on the other side. Happy Easter

This Town Needs Album

As the grammatically-disappointing title hints at, This Town Needs Guns begin recording their debut album today. Heading back to The Lodge studio in Northampton where their two previous releases were laid down, the guys will be working on 9 tracks over the next 7 days, before going back in next month to add some overdubs, tidy them up and record a couple more songs. It's going to be a fairly drawn-out process with the full record set for completition in early June, but with the increased studio time comes increased listening back and writing time, so you can rest assured that this record is going to sound every bit as incredible as you're sitting there hoping it will.

Last night the guys had a final run-through of the tracks in their shed, with an audience of just two, not including the fleas who inhabit the soundproofing mattresses against the bak wall. If you're a fan of the bands work to date I think you're going to love the new songs. Live recordings and rough demos will hopefully start to surface in the next month or two, a single is planned for August, but the album itself won't be available until October. Sit tight.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hush The Hollyoaks

Less of a BSM post, more of an Alcopop treat here...

If you're a Hollyoaks fan (and seriously, who isn't?), keep your ears peeled as the druggie kids walk into their 6th form common room tonight, around about 6:40pm, just before the ad break, and you'll notice the wonderful sounds of goFASTER pumping out of the stereo! If you like what you hear you're probably gonna want to get straight over to and pick up their new 7" single. Maybe even go and see them in May with The Wombats? Who knows.

And if that wasn't enough adolescent booze inspired fun, watch this! It's the video for the new Hush The Many (Heed The Few) sinle, out in a couple of weeks on, you guessed it, Alcopop

It's all coming up Pop today

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Of The Seven Seas

So as I mentioned briefly earlier, I'm off to Scotland this weekend. The trip has now extended to take in stops in Gretna, Dumfries, Livingston and Edinburgh, plus many piss-breaks along the way, I'm sure. Upon making a quick search of Trip Advisor for a decent (read: cheap) hotel in Edinburgh I came across the name Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas. Now if that's not the best darn tooting name I ever did hear I don't have a clue what is! I couldn't leave it at that, I had to ask everyones friend, Wikipedia, what they knew about it.

"Edinburgh of the Seven Seas is regarded as the most remote permanent settlement in the world, being over 1,500 miles (2400 kilometres) from the nearest human settlement, on Saint Helena"


And that's it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. All the best

Stars Away

I've just about recovered from Monday night, and what a night it was. People singing along to Tubelord, Data.Select.Party being as brilliant as ever, Capitals really impressing in their first show and Flash! Flash! Flash! Photography bringing the pop back to punk. The place was over capacity by 8.30, the floor covered in green balloons, Ben the leprechaun and his pot of chocolate gold, Jack's DJ set of hits and the drinks that flowed from start to finish. I'm going to book up our Pre-Summer Party for May this week and will be thinking of how to make it even bigger and better next time around, to be followed in July by the best party of your life. Believe that.

3 days later and I still can't stop listening to the new Secondsmile record. We've decided which tracks will be singles, which will be up on Myspace and when we're going to let you hear some of it. 10 days is all you have to wait.

I have so much work on at the moment it's just insane. My friends are going to the Latitude festival launch party tonight but I've made the very wise decision (I hope) of staying in Oxford so I can get some stuff done. This weekend I'm off to Gretna. I'm not getting married but I might as well be, it's going to be the best day of my life. More soon.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

C'est la vie

Party last night? Awesome.
Party after the party last night? Excellent.
Drunk til 1pm today? Nicely satisfying.
Hangover setting in 24 hours later? Not so cool.
Video? Hell yeah!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Weird timing / Good times

I'm writing this whilst multi-taking my little head off. On this computer I'm busy emailing loads of bands about a very special release (details coming soon), listening through a Tubelord CD I just burnt to make sure it plays ok, watching the BBC Football page refresh as the Spurs v Man City game reaches its final minutes, designing a little animation for the aforementioned special release, and most importantly, downloading the brand new Secondsmile masters. All the while on the second computer, a couple of feet to my left, I am looking through some photos from our trip to New York back in January, downloading the latest episode of Lost (naughty) and burning a couple of episodes of Prison Break (more naughty). I'm also starting to get hungry, so might have to add some form of cooking into my already busy multi-tasking schedule. Two hands are never enough.

Hopefully from the above paragraph you latched onto the bit which said "most importantly" and the words which followed it, but just incase you didn't, here we go again: THE BRAND NEW SECONDSMILE MASTERS. That's right, they're here and they're finished. I can't tell you how they sound as I haven't listened yet, but what I should tell you is that they WILL sound brilliant. Believe that.

Strangely today is exactly one year since I first received the tracks for MMISL's Variations On Swing album. What a delightful coincidence. From now on 16th March will be a Big Scary Monsters National Holiday where it's tradition that a band finishes and delivers brilliant music on this day every year.

Friday night I went to a bizarre party. It was at a house in Oxford owned by a couple of hippies who have spent a lot of time decorating the place to make it rather odd! The front room looks like a forest, the bathroom has papier mache tree roots covering the walls, toilet and sink, upstairs is a red room with a sponge floor and hammocks across the ceiling, up another floor is the main bedroom with a video screen filling one whole wall and a huge waterbed taking up the floor, in the garden there's a large teepee with a fire constantly burning, and behind there, hidden amongst some bushes, is a hot tub filled with naked old people. Until 6am I drank lots, chatted to weirdo's about how many drugs they were on and games of ping-pong they'd been playing using a dark room and torches stuck to their heads, saw a 65 year old man in a dressing gown getting jiggy with a 20 year old girl in only a bra, fell asleep in a hammock and then finally passed out in front of the teepee fire. It was quite a night and suffice to say I've been paying the price since!

Friday, 14 March 2008


Who would've thought that drinking loads of pear cider would give you a banging head the next morning? Weird.

This week I've been keeping a close eye on the midweek charts as they're announced each morning to see where ex-BSM favourite Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and his new album are. It's been a running battle between him and Oxford's The Young Knives, with the Knives taking the lead for the first time this morning, edging ahead into 17th spot by just 5 sales. Five sales?! So I guess this is an appeal to all of you who read this - including you two from Peru, I've still got my eye on you! - who haven't yet purchased the album but have been thinking about it to make the right choice. I shouldn't think it costs all that much via itunes and is a good listen.

In other 2nd album news, Secondsmile's was mastered yesterday. The duties were handled by Greg Calbi who has previously worked with David Bowie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Sonic Youth, Mogwai and a whole heap of other amazing artists. Check out the full list here. We're going to put a couple of new tracks up online in about 3 weeks time. I think y'all gonna enjoy.

And continuing the theme of related news items... The long sold out Secondsmile EP, 'I Am Not Romeo, You Are Not Juliet' is available again, but only digitally. Click here to purchase via itunes. The CD features their old vocalist, Olly Goodland, and is much more along the lines of Thursday, At The Drive-In, Refused etc than their 2006 album, 'Walk Into The Light And Reach For The Sky'.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

The weather outside is frightful

I just couldn't be bothered with the outside world yesterday. I worked pretty much straight through from 8am til 11pm, only stopping on a couple of occasions to get some food and watch an episode of Prison Break, my wouldbe Lost replacement as I try and hang on until the next episode on Sunday. It hurts to be back in the realm of once-a-week TV. I'm completely pro-downloading TV, just stay away from the music, kids! Anyway yeah, I just couldn't be bothered. My office is a converted loft space at the top of our house. The neighbours say the landlady had it done so she could sell it as an extra bedroom but only when it was finished she realised you wouldn't even fit a cat's basket up here, and that's before you factor in the hazardous stairs. Unfortunately for one overseas Doctor and his family who moved into the property a few years back, they weren't aware of the rooms size and as such, their two young children spent a very unhappy year sharing this space, but that's a story for another day.

The windows are at angle following the roofs slide and it's always warm up here. Over the windows are these very fetching blue blinds which I use as reality blockers. Yesterdays reality was wind and rain. I kept the blinds firmly shut for the whole day, deciding that the sound alone of the shitty weather was more than enough for me, and so set about a busy day whilst convincing myself it's all sunshine and happiness outside. The warmth, coupled with my 'glass half full' outlook and summer hits MP3 mix-tape kept up the illusion and I was a happy man.

Here's a video of Dave from Maps and Atlases. You've probably seen this before, everyone seems to have, but it's still awesome so quit your moaning.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


When running a record label every now and again you can't help but get the feeling that certain bands are starting to rule your life. For much of last year it was Meet Me In St Louis. This Sunday is exactly one year to the day from when I first received the recordings for their glorious debut, and only, album 'Variations On Swing'. From that day on, and many before it in all honesty, I thought about that band, spoke about that band, wrote about that band and listened to that band constantly. There were even a few occasions I had dreams about the band, as much as it pains me to admit it! They pretty much ruled my life in 2007, for better and for worse.

2008 is shaping up to be a busier year than last with more bands, releases and tours booked into the Big Scary Monsters stable for the next 9 months. This means that instead of having one band controlling my brain, I'm going to have about 10, each vying for attention, love and the knowledge that their musical output is in safe hands. Anathallo were the first to step up. With their single and tour crossing the bridge between January and February, along with the associated wonderful press they so deservedly received, they were the first name out of my mouth at the start of each working day on more days than I care to remember.

Today I've realised that we have a new front-runner. Tubelord, the pesky 3-piece from Kingston. Musically they've enjoyed more than their fair share of my time since recording their 4 newest tracks towards the end of last year, but now they seem to have taken over everything else.

As you can see from yesterdays post, the band have a lovely piece in today's NME, their first proper UK tour begins right here on BSM turf, Oxford, tomorrow before winding up in Ireland at the end of the month, their debut 7" single is out in just 2 weeks time and now we have their promo video up online. They're becomming increasingly more and more difficult to ignore, a pattern which I don't foresee changing for a very long time now.

Please take 4:17 of your time to enjoy the video and spare a thought for my poor, musically-ravaged brain as it tries to comprehend everything going on around us right now. Next stop, Secondsmile.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Two quick thoughts

Today's been a typically non-stop rollercoaster of fun and breakneck working speeds. Here are two of the highlights:

As you can see from the above visual aid, NME described BSM as an "ever impressive DIY titan." They said some stuff about Tubelord as well, but come on people, lets focus on what's important here: Ever impressive DIY titan.

The second highlight also comes in picture form:

Give your eyes the second they deserve to adjust and then sit back and enjoy this feast of beauty.

After three hours of careful consideration I'm still unsure as to what my favourite part of this flyer is. Is it:

a) The Word Art in the centre, last spotted in 1994?
b) The Vintage Rockbar venue's name and the wonderful images it counjours?
c) The fact that it was a personal invitation to me - a resident of Oxford - to attend this talent show all the way up in Doncaster on a Sunday afternoon?
d) Absolutely everything about it? Or
e) The fact that I probably put something together much the same when I was 16?

Oh to be young and free on Microsoft Word Art once again. Crazy times.

Tubelord on tour

Tubelord head out on their first proper UK tour this week including four dates over in Ireland and the BSM St Patrick's Day Party in London on Monday. The band are featured in the new issue of Rock Sound, have a lovely little mention coming in NME tomorrow and been enjoying some nice airplay from Xfm. Oh and Subba-Cultcha have just reviewed the debut single and said "it’s been a while since a UK post-hardcore band offered so many ideas in such a short amount of time!". Members of We Are Scientists, Mystery Jets, Hadouken, The Subways and other indie-street-cred-cool bands have been spotted rocking out at recent London shows and I'm going to take myself off of the fence and say that they're going to be a very important band over the next 12 or so months.

Basically, I'm telling you this in an attempt to make you pull your finger out of your arse and click it over to where you can bop along to some tunes before picking up the 7" from, got it? Good. Tour dates are:

13.03 - Oxford, The Cellar (w/ Mirror Mirror)
15.03 - Kingston, Fighting Cocks (w/ Pictures, Colour)
16.03 - Portsmouth, Railway Rifle Club
17.03 - London, The Social (w/ Data.Select.Party)
18.03 - Brighton, Engine Rooms (w/ Pictures)
19.03 - Weymouth, Finns (w/ Pictures)
20.03 - Nottingham, Bunkers Hill
21.03 - Birmingham, Flapper and Firkin (w/ Johnny Foreigner, Blakfish)
22.03 - Leeds, Royal Park Cellars
24.03 - York, Basement at City Screen (w/ Pictures)
26.03 - Dublin, Eamonn Dorans
27.03 - Cork, Fred Zeppelins
28.03 - Limerick, Lavery's

Look out for the video for 'Feed Me A Box of Words', coming later this week.

Monday, 10 March 2008

6 Machine winners (cheats never prosper)

The winners of the 6 Machine competition are... drum roll...

1. Blakfish, with 312 votes
2. Minotaur Explode - 291 votes
2. My First Tooth - 291
4. Caesura - 263
5. The Defeat - 231
6. Colour - 205

Overall slightly more than 2500 people casted their vote, whilst lots of people wasted there time as 7000 votes were recorded from people who'd already responded. Personally I like the image of one of the band members staying up for 3 days straight pressing refresh again and again and again and again... But I guess we'll never know who.

Just ate too much chicken and my body feels like it's falling apart. It's the end of the world as we know it.

The Weddingmakers

Good weekend? It was birthday season round these 'ere parts. My mum's celebrations Friday night followed by three friends Saturday (not to mention a couple in other parts of the country I couldn't make it to) made it an eventful, food-filled couple of days before Sunday's standard day of kicking back infront of the TV. Saturday afternoon I bet on 8 teams to win, £2 staked to net £150 profit. With 25 minutes left to play in them all, all 8 were going to plan! A very anxious 20 of those minutes passed, with my fingers boaring evermore into the sofa, before it happened. Up stepped Jimmy Bullard to knock in a free kick against Blackburn, bringing his side back to level terms and sending me out with another disappointing 7 out of 8 hit rate. Good going, in one respect, not so good in the financial respect. My mind was already filled with massive curries and celebratory vodka. Damn you, Jimmy Bullard, damn you!

Sticking with the footballing theme, my favourite Scottish side, the plucky Gretna, are possibly going into administration today. Or maybe even worse, with rumours that they mat not even be able to finish the season floating about! Having been a non-league English side until the turn of the century, Gretna became the first team in Scottish football history to win consecutive promotions, taking them from Division 3 new boys to SPL strugglers, with an FA Cup final appearance and brief fling with the Uefa Cup along the way. Unfortunately now, with their multi-millionaire owner ill in hospital, there's no one to sign the cheques, their ground is in ruins, they're rooted to the bottom of the table and half their team are on loan. The realities of running a Premiership football club based in a village with a population of just 3000 are coming home. It's been a short story of thrills and spills, but with the end seemingly close, I wanted to share this with you. Below is the club's official song from their triumphant FA Cup final appearance, beautifully written and performed by the interestingly named Hugh Trowers Band.

Only three and a half hours until the 6 Machine voting ends and winners will be announced right here this afternoon. When I checked it last night there were just TWO votes between 6th and 7th places. It's going all the way!

Update: Today is Andy from House of Brothers and Henry from Pennines birthdays. It really is birthday season!

Friday, 7 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 6

Voting ends on Monday and here are the 11th and 12th bands which make up our shortlist of 6 Machine contenders. Don't forget to hit to listen through them all and cast your vote

PS. New Secondsmile album artwork:

Our Own Devices

1. Introduce yourselves
Adam who does the bass, Dan who does the drums, Rhys who does the moaning, Kareem who does a guitar and Luke who does another guitar ...and we're based in London. Hello lovers

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Its moody, muscular and moving. Check the alliteration. Explosive noise with subtle spaciousness. It can be pretty bleak at times and thats how we like it. We've been compared to bands such as Fugazi and Shellac, Isis, At The Drive-In and Mogwai, but we only really listen to two of those bands. Its refreshing for us because we never even take those sounds into consideration when we're writing. We're happy with most comparisons, we know far more about how we don't want to sound than concentrating on sounding like someone whose music we admire.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
Arab Strap, At The Drive-In, The Smiths, Nick Cave, Botch, Radiohead, Low, A Silver Mt. Zion

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We can't single out one specifically but last year we did two mini-tours in Latvia, the awesome boys in Jairus took us the first time and then we went back on our own. The folks out there are absolutely the nicest people we've met. They made such an effort to make sure we were all smiling/well-fed/drunk all the time. And those shows were the first time we saw the crowd beating on themselves in time with our songs. The ending of our first UK tour with Cats&Cats&Cats was also amazing. Catsx3 joined us on stage at the end of our set and burst everyone's eardrums, culminating in a Roman bath house boy bundle.We played at the Carling Weekender in Leeds last August, which provided Adam with the oppurtunity to scare the entire female cast of Hollyoaks off the dance floor in a khaki nappy.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Shield Your Eyes, They Died Too Young, Papillons, FBC Fabric and Reindeer, Wild Dogs In Winter, Los, Gin Panic, Wow! Pigeon Eyes, Shoes and Socks Off, Crown On The Rats Orchestra. The rest of the bands we'd have put on this list have already upped and come. Also, they're not United Kingdom-ish, they're French, but we saw Pneu the other night and they were human ballistas. Check them out. A lot



1. introduce yourselves
hey up, we are four chaps called: tristan, jeremy, michael and hank. we play and write music together in the fine city of norwich

2. how would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
i would say we sound a little bit like this: whisky tango foxtrot? lima oscar lima.mp3 - have a listen.

3. who are your biggest influences?
we all have our own different tastes in music, which i think is important. my favourites are: mock orange, steve reich, stapleton, toe, botch, p.e.e, faraquet and many others! me and jerry are both big braid fans and there are a number of bands we all love, such as: american football, devo, talking heads, the dismemberment plan, this town needs guns, spy versus spy etc.

4. what's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
we haven't really been doing this very long, but so far we've been having an awesome time!!! we've played on some dead good gigs! highlights would be: meet me in st louis and blakfish for the otter boys in leeds, and the super sweet show at bardens in london with this town needs guns, colour and tubelord - good! we have also made it into rock sound's 'ones to watch' list and had stuff played on huw stephens radio one show.we are in the middle of recording and writing new stuff at the moment and plan to have a release out later this year, as well as a 7inch split with this town needs guns and a mega buff tour to support the release. super looking forward to hanging out with those boys some more!

5. tell us about some other cool up and coming uk artists
the uk is chucking out some ruddy good music at moment, i for one am quite exited! this town needs guns would have to be our favourite - it's a joy see them play live. we've heard some of their new stuff in sound check and it's mind blowing! really, really looking forward to their album later this year. other favs would be:
super tennis - north london shouty melodic fun.
ankles - dianogah style drums and duel bass guitars.
hombolt - featuring members of dartz! dead good.
colour - mathy guitar lead pop.
you me the switch - bloody brilliant instrumental guitar loveliness akin to toe
instruments - good old fashioned math rock.
tellison - poppy indie-emo reminiscent of the get up kids.
i'm also exited that stapleton are rumoured to be releasing a new album on xtra mile, which will undoubtedly make me wee my pants with joy :) we also all love: this aint vegas, dartz! and spy versus spy amongst others. way to go the uk!


(Technically not a picture of the band, but it is a picture from the band, and it does make me laugh everytime I look at it)


I've always avoided using the generic Myspack "oh I'll say it flippantly as if to suggest I don't give a crap but really I spend most of my life on there" term for everyone's favourite Social Network website, but titling a blog post "Myspace" just seemed a little bit shit.

I've been having this problem with my "Myspack" page over the past few weeks in that every now and again I go on there and my top friends - usually 16 BSM related bands and labels - have somehow changed to a selection of random people, artists and absolute prats. I'll sit there and painstakingly change them all back, which will be fine for a while, only to return a few hours later and see it's happened again! I changed my password, fearing I'd been 'phished' but that didn't help. I emailed Myspace and explained the problem but all they could offer was their typical "we'll sort it" response. This morning I logged on to find my page once again filled with strangers and weirdo's but for the first time in too long I decided to leave it open and let the MP3 player scroll through its 6 tracks.

I don't want to seem arrogant here, but it's really good! The 6 bands in question; Anathallo, Tubelord, Meet Me In St Louis, This Town Needs Guns, House of Brothers and Itch, compliment one another perfectly and make for quite a nice little compilation and a bit of a date stamp on where the label sits right now. But before this starts to sound like an ego trip of repulsive proportions, I'd just like to take the time to give the bands a massive pat on the back and say thanks. You've reminded me why I have the best job in the world and you've also stopped me from throwing my bowl of Frosties through the monitor at my 16 dickhead top 'friends'.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 5

After the wild partying of the 100th blog post and our weekly Alcopop "meeting" last night I am pooped! My head is filled with non-sensical words and a disappointing lack of inspiration, so will be taking this opportunity to crack on with the 6 Machine band profiles. Next up...

Twin Atlantic

1. Introduce yourselves:
Hi, We're Twin Atlantic from Glasgow. Our debut EP 'A Guidance From Colour' is out now. It is available through our BigCartel via our MySpace page and all reputable digital outlets.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
It's like pop music, but it's not just simple pop music. There's a lot of meaning and a lot of fuel in the songs.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
We are all influenced by very different bands and musicians and things we take general interests in. Personally rather than stroking something with like or dislike I feel more comfortable with learning from every different piece of music I hear right now. It's hard to answer this question in a sound bite sort of style, maybe you would have to have long drawn out conversations with us all individually to get a truly straight answer. So let's just say Paul Daniels and Rolf Harris.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
The past 12 months since the band formed have been pretty awesome all round to be honest! We've got to support Aereogramme at their farewell show in Glasgow, go on tour with outstanding live bands like Circa Survive and mewithoutYou. We recorded with a great producer, Romesh Dodangoda at Long Wave Studios in Cardiff and have been lucky enough to put out our own EP. We've been Single of the Week on XFM Scotland, number 1 in a K! playlist, and been played on Radio 1 by Daniel P. Carter, Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe as well as Bruce Dickinson at 6 Music. We've been featured as an Introducing band in Kerrang! and that week got to be on tour with Biffy Clyro, which was just insane!! We also were personally picked to open for Smashing Pumpkins at SECC in Glasgow and this week we'll be heading out on tour with the mighty Matches (dates at
2008 will see us put every ounce of effort into keeping the momentuem going that we've created through our hard work. We want to tour as much as is humanly possible and put out another single or two. We're not about to sit back and expect anything at this stage. Twin Atlantic are go!

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Here's some up and coming Glasgowtown bands for your listening pleasure:
Arca Felix -
No Kilter -
Matadors! -
Hi 5 Alive -
Jocasta Sleeps -


1. Introduce yourselves
We are Colour and we love making music that you can and can't tap your foot to.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has neverpreviously heard you?
Four cats playing a noisy game of lacrosse with a ball of yarn.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
We all like a lot of different stuff, but some of our favourites areRadiohead, The Mars Volta, Chris Clark, Death Cab for Cutie and Simonand Garfunkel just before bed.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned forthe rest of 2008?
Highlight of our career... one time in Oxford we all had a big danceto a busker playing some sweet jazz at about 11pm. But seriously wedid have a pretty good gig with Tubelord, Blakfish and Meet Me In St.Louis where the place was completely packed. As for 2008, we plan totour the UK and Eastern Europe in April, release a 7" single aroundthe same time and also write an album.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
We're big fans of Tubelord, Secondsmile, Youthmovies and Blakfish...amongst others.


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

This Charm Is Christmas

Turns out I'm an idiot. I approved the digital release of Data.Select.Party's 'This Charm Is Charmless' single, released on Alcopop Records last year, without properly reading what I was doing and as such, we have ended up with this:

Data.Select.Party - This Charm Is Christmas

An accidentally festive cock-up. Purchase it now from itunes for just 79p before I make the call and correct my mistake first thing tomorrow morning!

Lets just keep this little error between me and you, yeah?

100th post

Seems as good a time as ever to have a party

I searched Google Images for the word 'party' and this was the 5th result. Honest! I don't know if you can see it but the filename is demon-schoolgirl-spanked-at-party.jpg. Says it all really, doesn't it?

Well, the blog has been somewhat overtaken by 6 Machine band profiles but as this is the 100th post I figured it was only right to reclaim a little space and get back to basics. ie me. Talking crap. Posting inappropriate pictures. Blabbering on. I did think about having the Blog Scary Monsters 100th Post Awards. I was going to give myself prizes for Best Spelling Mistake, Stupidest Idea, Most Drunken Post and many others, but then I stopped and considered the point where self-indulgence becomes schizophrenia. 5 of my 7 personalities agreed it was too much.

But never fear, dear, I still have grand plans for this landmark ramble, so lets get this show on the road shall we?

First off, I'd like to share this with you. It's a scan of The Fly magazines review of Anathallo on their very recent UK tour. For all of those who missed them, please consider printing the image, cutting it out and attaching it firmly to the inside of your eyelids. Only remove when standing proudly at the front of the band's very next UK show. Lets just hope it's soon for your sake.

Upon seeing the review, Bret of Anathallo percussion fame said "I should forward that one to my parents and let them know their son is doing alright." The review's so glowing I'm even tempted to show my family.

Moving on, as you may have read, Secondsmile have just finished recording their new album over in New York City, the Big Apple, if you will. From what I've heard it sounds simply stunning and I'm typing this whilst checking my emails every 2.4 seconds, excitedly awaiting the first of the finished mixes to start dropping in. Here's a photo of the band looking windy and cold.

"Mum, I've made it!"

Tim, the rumoured six-handed guitarist from This Town Needs Guns is trying to decide which guitar he should buy next. I don't care what any image-cautious bandmates of Mr Collis might say, this is definitely the axe for him:

Over the weekend Tubelord went to visit Stafford (ever been? Don't. It's terrible) to film the video for their forthcoming single 'Feed Me A Box of Words'. The 7", now set for release on 31st March, can be pre-ordered right now from - Here's a photo, cleverly giving very little indication as to what the video is actually about, to whet that insatiable appetite of yours:

Someone else used that "web 2.0" phrase at me yesterday, I still don't get it. I nodded and smiled, I hope I wasn't agreeing to something unpleasant.

Last night was the Truck festival launch party. It was held on a tiny farm in the middle of Hackney, East London. There were chickens, wooden farmyard animals, a small marquee, live music and lots of free drink. They announced a handful of bands for the festival along with details of their new project, Wood, a very organic sounding weekend where bands play on either a solar-powered main stage or a bicycle-powered second stage, amongst composting toilets and all number of classes and workshops. During the the course of the evening Nima from Hush The Many (whose new single is coming out via our sister label, Alcopop, delightfully) took to the stage, or more accurately, the room with the beer and heaters, to play a couple of impromptu acoustic songs. Don't believe me? Screw you

Myself and Jack are having one of our Alcopop "meetings" tonight, which means hours of drinking, printing/cutting/folding/sticking CD sleeves, Ugmosis and most probably some sort of offensive blog post.

I think that pretty much raps up this wild celebration of literally triumph. I'm satisfied and my neck is killing me, so I think that means this one's a winner.

More 6 Machine interviews to come tomorrow. Keep voting. Take it sleazy

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 4

Whitesnake once sang Here We Go Again...


1. Introduce yourselves
Hello. We are Caesura, i.e. Mossy, Rob, Louis and Ben from Winchester in south England.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Our music is a bit like a firework. Pretty but explosive.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
We like Jeniferever, Explosions in the Sky, The Appleseed Cast, American Football, Minus the Bear, At the Drive-In and lots more.

4. What’s your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
Supporting Youthmovies and Tired Irie at the Joiners in Southampton was nice, because we got to share a stage with two really vital British bands. This year we’re going to tour the new songs that we’ve just finished writing and hopefully save enough money to record them at some point.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Secondmonday share a hometown with us and we love them to pieces. They make really cool modernist rock songs with inventive riffs and fragile vocals. Scientist the Orange Pip are from Plymouth and play hyperactive indie a bit like some of the more quirky Deep Elm bands, which is always a lot of fun. Blakfish are from Sutton Coldfield and somehow manage to play techy punk rock (that isn’t up its own arse) whilst throwing themselves all over the place. I could go on for pages…



1. Introduce yourselves.
We are Pictures from Brighton,we’ve been together for 9 months. We have a 7' of our single out at the moment.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who hasnever previously heard you?
Frantic, alternative, hardcore, noise, pop.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
The Murder of Rosa Luxemberg
Hot Cross
The Blood Brothers
Meet Me In St. Louis
These Arms are Snakes

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We’ve just come off tour with IWACS and Rolo Tomassi,playing venues we never thought we would get to play. We plan to release an EP over the summer and tour extensively.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
The James Cleaver Quintet
Rolo Tomassi
Hot Damn


6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 3

Another day another dollar, as Yap from nu-metal giants One Minute Silence once sang. Whatever happened to him? Last I heard he was touring front rooms telling anyone who would listen about his political views. Maybe we should invite him down to speak between bands at the St Patrick's Day gig? That could be fun.

I'm off to London later on. Going for a couple of meetings, the Truck launch party and then to check out a venue for what could potentially be the party of the year. Well, April, at least. Keep em peeled.

Here are the next 2 profiles for the 6 Machine. Keep those votes coming, we had 400 in the first day. Right now there are only 10 votes separating 1st and 4th place!

Copy Haho

1. Introduce yourselves
Hello, we're a band called Copy Haho from Stonehaven in Scotland -we formed through a mutual love of skydiving and amateur wrestling.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
I'd describe our music as guitar pop. Hooks, rolling beats andpunchy enough to grunge out to. We don't take ourselves too seriously,but we care a lot about the music we make. The live show usuallyconsists of us laughing at each other for making stupid mistakes.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
We all really love bands like The Stooges, Husker Du, Dino Jr &Pavement. I'm not sure how much of an influence they've had on the waywe write/play music, but we definitely appreciate the records they'veput out.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
One highlight was playing a few shows with Chin Up Chin Up fromChicago - they're all super nice guys and they sound great both liveand on record! That whole tour was great fun!We've got a bunch of dates booked for March, April & May! We'replaying a couple of Triptych shows too - one with Sebadoh in Glasgowand another with The Dirty Projectors in Aberdeen! Other than that,we're going to be doing some more recording in April, we may even tryand get some sort of single release worked out too.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
You should all check out Dananananaykroyd, Johnny Foreigner, HeldBy Hands, Shittalker, PVH, Hyena & Plaaydoh! They're all super-doopergreat bands.


My First Tooth

1. Introduce yourself / How would you describe your music / Who are your biggest influences?
A friend at a magazine wrote this and I think it serves well as an introduction...

My First Tooth is the brain child (and love child) of Ross Witt.Influenced and inspired by bands like the Eels, Okkervil River, TheGood Life and Neutral Milk Hotel, Witt initially began MFT as a solo singer songwriter project with an unabashed adoration of modern indie-folk. But, with an enthusiastic response from many local musicians (and the addition of violins and more vocals) it quickly developed into something else... something grand and with ambition but slightly awkward and unsure of itself at the same time.

Witt’s admiration for musicians like Joanna Newsom and Will Sheff shine through in his eloquent and lucid storytelling, which raises the whole project way above the usual singer songwriter dross. Yes, Witt can spina yarn about a boy with a broken heart but he’ll do it so subtly and deftly that it will wrap you up in a blanket under the stars and enchant you like the first fairy tale you heard as a child. These songs can be a lullaby for lost and the lonely or a swift punch to the chest,but either way, we defy you not to be moved. (written by Music For Squares)

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
Just touring almost constantly since November 07 has been brilliant. We've played over 60 shows in the UK and Ireland and got a lot better (hopefully!). The plan for the rest of the year is to keep on playing as much as possible, and to get a record recorded.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
'Liam Dullaghan' ( and 'Line & a Dot' ( are both from Northampton and are incredible. Seriously. Also we played with 'The Rosie Taylor Project' recently who are very very good.


Monday, 3 March 2008

6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 2

Continuing our in-depth look into the murky world of the 6 Machine's shortlisted bands, here are the next 2 for you to read about. Whether or not it sways your decision as to who you should vote for, well who knows?

The Defeat

1. Introduce yourselves
Hello there, nice to meet you. We are The Defeat. We are a four-piece rock band from the lovely town of Reading in Berkshire (which is, coincidentally, twinned with Dusseldorf). We have been together since March/April of 2007.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Well you see, this question often leaves us stumped. I suppose we could refer you to our influences, but that would be avoiding the question. We seem to draw frequent comparisons with the bands Biffy Clyro, The Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky, which is all very flattering. I guess we try and achieve music which is on the one hand very melodic, but at the same time musically interesting and shifting. We try, as far as possible, to create a 'big' sound. There you go.
3. Who are your biggest influences?
Again, quite a difficult one, as between us we enjoy a huge range of music. We like some very noisy things like Coalesce, Botch and Cave-In, but the influences that probably come through in our sound are the more pretty/melodic bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The Smiths, Bloc Party, Cross My Heart, Benton Falls, (and the many early Deep Elm bands of that ilk). We also very much enjoy the music of the scandanavians. Older stuff like Sigur Ros, Last Days Of April and Mew, and more recently The Kissaway Trail, Loney Dear and Jeniferever. Finally, some of that pop music that's around, we love that. Cast your ear over the charts now and again...there really are some banging tunes afoot. It's all about the melodies.

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We've been having a whale of a time thus far. Some nice things have happened to us indeed. We've played with some fantastic acts, such as; Itch, youthmovies (one of our favourite UK bands), Frank Turner, and we were lucky enough to play MMISL's last show, a sad occasion though it was, they really tore it to shreds. We've had some good shows in London at super venues like The Fly and the Monto Water Rats. We had a an article written about us in The Fly, that was grand. As for 2008, we are dead excited as we have some new recordings that are almost finished. One of which got us in this here competition. We have some more lovely shows lined up with Marvins Revolt and youthmovies and then...who knows. We intend to play as much as possible and try and meet more of the nice people of this world.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Well, there are a couple that we really like, one being Caesura. We played with them in London, they are a spiffing live band and kindly chaps to boot. Other bands we really think you should keep an ear out for are Voo, Pennines, Chrik, Maths and The Scrape. The independent music scene in this country is pretty damm exciting at the moment.



1: Introduce yourselves
We are Blakfish a 4 piece from Birmingham UK. We have been playing together since we were 12 thus explaining the weak name...

2: How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
I swear people put this question in just to frustrate bands... I suppose we sit somewhere in the schizophrenic, stop / start hardcore pigeonhole. That's the journalists favourite anyway.

3: Who are your biggest influences?
Between us we listen to a real broad spectrum from 'Kiss' to 'the Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower' but collectively we all like 'Poison the Well' pre-Puzzle 'Biffy Clyro' 'Circa Survive' 'On the Might of Princes' in fact we all share a weakness for 'Limp Bizkit', but please don't judge us.

4: What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
We have been lucky enough to work, and share stages with some great people. Including Spy Versus Spy, This Ain't Vegas, Charlottefield, Ack Ack Ack, Russian Circles, An Albatross, RX Bandits, SikTh, Enter Shikari, Marmaduke Duke, The Scare, DIE! DIE! DIE!, Kid's In Glass Houses and You say Party! We Say die! We also played at Download festival last year, which was pretty surreal but I think the high-light would probably be spending nearly 5 weeks on the road with Meet Me In St. Louis, especially being in Benny's company. As for the rest of 2008 we're off to Ireland with Tubelord at the end of March, and then we're in Europe for the first couple of weeks of April. We then plan to release a new ep sometime early summer, maybe by oursleves. Then we're going to do the whole UK with Tubelord again, hit Europe with Shield Your Eyes and hopefully end up over in the states for a week or two with our mates Villa Vina.

5: Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Without sounding like a brown-nose, even if this competition has made us rivals, we are all huge fans of Colour, Caesura and Pennines. Our other mates Mirror! Mirror! and Rolo Tomassi are both on the up so check them out. Tubelord are incredible, Shield Your Eyes are strangely brilliant. Cutting Pink With Knives are like a McDonalds kids party on speed. Shapes are instrumental perfection and Data.Select.Party make great pop music. I could write about underground UK bands for days, but I'll leave it at that. If you want a tip for Stateside artists check out 'Maps and Atlases' and 'Duck Duck Goose', they'll blow your head off...


6 Machine shortlisted bands - Part 1

I asked each of the 12 shortlisted 6 Machine bands to answer a few mundane questions and over the next few days I'm going to be posting their answers up here. They're not going up in any particular order so keep checking back each day, and to hear music and cast your vote, click the links below.

Minotaur Explode

1. Introduce yourselves
Hey, we are Minotaur Explode. We formed in January 2007 and have released one EP called ‘Our Band Could Ruin Your Life’.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Short, fast, high energy songs. Vocals similar to At The Drive-In, guitars similar to Bloc Party. Unpretentious catchy punk.

3. Who are your biggest influences?
Converge, Weezer, Glassjaw, Modest Mouse etc

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
Having only been going since Jan 07 and after having a few line-up changes we haven’t done as much as we would have liked, saying that; being in Rock Sound was pretty cool as was recording our EP and playing the few shows we did.As for the rest of 2008, we are currently putting the finishing touches to our 5-track EP which we are most likely to be recording ourselves. Other than that just writing, playing shows and generally trying to spread the message.

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
I personally love the band Haunts, they contain a few friends of mine and are doing something really original at the moment. It’s sort of punky angular rock, which sounds like a lot of stuff around at the moment but they do it a lot better than anyone I have heard. Data.Select.Party are also very good at what they do, sort of dancey tappy indie. There’s a lot of good stuff around at the moment.


The Worldonfire

1. Introduce yourselves
Why hello there.... We are The Worldonfire, a five piece altenative group based in london and essex. We have been together for four years and aim to rock your bootys.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never previously heard you?
Decribing the sound isn't ever easy but we have been compared with bands all over the musical spectrum, we take influences from bands such as sonic youth, The Mars Volta, Queens of the stone age, Nick Drake and jethro tull. No bands likes to compare or put themselves in a list of bands but reviewers have often compared us to biffy clyro, y.c.n.i:milo, at the drive in and even radiohead for some reason?!

4. What's your career highlight thus far and what have you planned for the rest of 2008?
The highlights of our career so far has to be playing with all the great bands we have played with, particularly million dead who put on a great show. We plan to continue doing lots of live shows in 2008 to support the release of our album which came out october 2007 and we have already started a new album which we will be looking to release at some point towards the end of this year or early next!

5. Tell us about some other cool up and coming UK artists
Rules of the sea and Orgazmatron... google em! you wont be dissapointed ;)


6 Machine shortlist

The shortlist for our 6 Machine compilation has just been announced. Now it's down to you to choose which of the 12 bands make it onto the record.

Listen through them all at

And then go to to vote for your favourite

The deadline is 12pm Monday 10th March

Profiles on all 12 shortlisted bands will begin appearing right here as of this afternoon. Come back.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Alcopop guest blog

Big Scary Monsters' sibling label, Alcopop, has been running as a singles label since September 2006 but now, with the first album nigh on the horizon and plenty of exciting happenings happening, Jack, my indie-pop compadre, steps in for a little guest blog entry action:

So – Kev’s asked me to write a guest blog post for the big brother (not in a shit reality TV way mind) label BSM – and so, to illustrate the kind of exceptionally productive work ethic we pride ourselves in at the good ship Alcopop, I thought I’d loosely base this entry around this weeks trip into London to go and see our newest chums, Hush the Many (Heed the Few) down at a lovely intimate show at the Wilmington Arms in Farringdon.

After recently having such a lovely drunken time on the couple of dates we could manage of
goFASTER>> recent tour with E’lle Sapelle to promote their limited to 500 7”/free CD single ‘Flammable Leisurewear’ - we decided to start off with mild drinking on the Oxford Tube. Docking into Marble Arch, and after much consultation, we decided that while Cockfosters was definitely the place to begin (for obvious comical reasons), it was a bit far away – so Arsenal would have to do (being as neither of us had been to the hallowed place before).

And how right we were – seemingly filled with more amusing old crones than you could believe, some of whom were eating fish at what seemed a rate of an hour a mouthful, we pissed off an angry barman (by playing Blur’s Country House and stealing his free jukebox credits), got sick eating at the greasiest of spoons whilst drinking Kev’s NYC -guaranteed hangover for at least 2 days- vodka, and finally hooked up with Nima and his entourage hours later –via more free Vodka at a very accommodating Wetherspoons - and still feeling – I quote – “about 2 out of 10”.

But as DiS once said “There are few bands that could pull off such a triumph in a live atmosphere” – and so it was, as Nima and Alex created one of the mot beautiful performances I have seen in a long time. Mixing a divine, tender acoustics whilst at the same time creating an intense, pulsing atmosphere, they enraptured the sold out crowd. It was truly moving, and certainly worth the 3 hour trek home, lost scarf and fence vaulting (gravely dangerous) required on the Pentonville Road.

Then it was back to continue work on promo for the new
Family Machine album – Alcopop’s next release set to see the light of the shops on 17th March. Described as “a perfect nugget of sultry musical wonder" by the BBC no less, and “a unique force to be reckoned with... perfectly harmonious, summery indie” by Clickmusic – ‘You are the Family Machine’ is gong to make your summer! Check them out on the last BSM podcast, get along to something very special if you’re based near Oxford (but be quick), and look out for the preorder button appearing on early next week.

And that’s just about all from me, other than to say – drink, gamble and stay Alcopopular! And I’ll see you at the St. Patricks show on the 17th!