Friday, 29 February 2008

Want to win an iPod shuffle?

'cos you can, if you want?

Some friends of ours have just launched a new label and to celebrate we've decided to team up together like merry little pals round the dinner table on a Sunday and run a little competition to win an iPod shuffle (perfect for listening to your favourite BSM tunes on), a £15 iTunes voucher (perfect for buying your friends copies of your favourite BSM tunes. You, of course, already own them all) and a pile of CDs (backup copies of your favourite BSM tunes, just incase something tragic should happen to your already-owned prized copies).
Easy Tiger (that's the name of the label as well as a request for you to put your excitement back in your pants) have a Myspace page here, and you can enter the competition by clicking here.

This bracked-fuelled blog post was brought to you by Kevin's Fvourite Song In The World Today: 'Revolve', the forthcoming single from Hush The Many on Alcopop Records. Absolutely enthralling.

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