Thursday, 14 February 2008


Happy Valentine's day! Enjoy the bollocks commercial holiday and be sure to spend lots of money you can't really afford safe in the knowledge that the spotty girl behind the counter in Clinton's will be enjoying one more drink on the company tab at this years Christmas party thanks to your generous token of love. You're a true sport.

Anathallo, where do I start? They were bloody brilliant! A nice mix of old and new material, with audience banter gained only after many, many shows. The stageshow itself was choreographed perfectly with somewhere in the region of 30 different instruments making an appearance during the half an hour set. If you're yet to see them there are still a few dates left on their tour before America steals them back from us. Don't miss out. Seriously.

Yesterday was cool although I'm torn between three lows in my decision over which was the worst: 1) Is the all day hangover I endured thanks to Tuesday nights cheap vodka, 2) is the drink I 'enjoyed' on my own, amongst hundreds of travellers, tramps and idiots at the Victoria train station branch of Wetherspoons during rush hour, and 3) is the chicken "deluxe" from McDonalds I desparately grabbed on my way back home, having not eaten all day. The food itself wasn't actually so bad, the stinking old bag-woman who came and sat next to me, coughing up a lung and spluttering it all over me on a park bench, was. I need to choose my eating locations more carefully in the future.

Secondsmile have written a new blog post about their album recording. All's going swimmingly, I'm pleased to report. Click here to read it.

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