Thursday, 7 February 2008

This and that

Anathallo and Secondsmile have landed in one anothers countries, I'm yet to find out if they passed and waved at one another in mid-air. Anathallo are currently enjoying life in Dublin, having hired a car and now driving about checking out the scenery. Is anyone else picturing a circus type event whereby hundreds of tiny gangstas pile into a small vehicle and Benny Hill's music plays over the top? No? Just me then. Secondsmile have been to meet Andrew Schneider, their producer and tourist guide for the next 3 weeks in Brooklyn and have taken a walk over to Manhattan. Our worries of guitarist Warne and his problems of getting into the country, having been busted with a tiny amount of weed about 5 years ago, were un-necessary, although completely worthwhile as I got to wind him up about smuggling into the US via a car boot across the Mexican border. Last night I dreamt that Secondsmile had a song played on Dancing On Ice and Darren Gough was skating around in time to it. Very weird.

I'm off to a recording studio in London this afternoon to meet a bands manager, press guy and booking agent. Hob-nobbing, as ever, but it's all in the name of the next Alcopop release. Speaking of which, Jack (my partner in Alcopopping crime) has legged it off to Latvia for a week of drinking leaving me holding the blogging fort. Keep me company.

We've had loads of entries for the 6 Machine contest over the past 48 hours, including a few really good ones I've never previously heard, which is always a nice surprise. Keep em coming in. I've got a date with a bucket of chicken, bottle of vodka and all of your tracks in 2 weeks time.

This Town Needs Guns are on TV tonight, Sky channel 203 (can't remember the Virgin number, sorry Branson) and - Check it out. I think Justice are on too. The French dance duo, that is, not the hardcore band. Or Sly Stallone AKA Judge Dredd.

The new Get Cape Wear Cape Fly single is out soon and I just saw the video for the first time yesterday. It's pretty cool. A simple concept but has enough going on to keep you watching. See what you think:

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