Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday bloody Sunday

I've got a massive hangover this morning. Last night I went to a house party in Oxford. There was a bar (like, a proper one with optics an' that), toga's (which, un-surprisingly lead to nakedness), marker pen tattoos, broken glass, dancing and from the state of quite a few people when I left, I presume sickness and fighting. Today I plan to unpack my suitcase from New York which really should've been done a week ago, and then I'm off to the Zodiac to see Lightspeed Champion and Semifinalists tonight. If you haven't heard SF I thoroughly encourage you to check them out. Their debut album was brilliant and they've got a new record coming soon. I'm not quite as into their new stuff but I think it might grow on me after seeing it live. Or so I hope. Otherwise I may have just made you a duff recommendation. After the gig it's back home to hit some late night Alcopop work and to watch the Super Bowl. Come on Big Blue!

I've put some money on my fellow Kevin, Mr Keegan, and his Toon Army to beat Middlesborough this afternoon. I'm convinced of it so he better not go letting me down, curly haired bastard!

Apart from that there's very little to report really. The next episode of the BSM podcast is going up online anytime now, TTNG's first show on the I Was A Cub Scout tour went swimmingly last night, oh, and I've bought some incredible things for our St Patricks Day gig in London. More news on that to come. If you're genuinelly Irish and you hate it when us English pretend to be Celtic and dance around in Guinness hats, you may want to give it a miss!

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