Thursday, 28 February 2008

St Patrick's Day party

Are you Irish? Do you hate it when everyone else pretends to be on St Patrick's Day? Sickened by the idiots in Guinness hats? If so, you probably won't want to come to this...

...But then again, it is a freaking awesome lineup, isn't it?

Click the flyer to buy tickets, to be sure.

In other news: I went into Oxford city centre earlier for a BLT and a hangover battling powerful stroll when I encountered two bizarre, completely unrelated old men. The first looked about 50 and walked towards me with a real look of desire somewhere near to HMV. Fearing he was going to try and sell me something/mug me/talk my ear off about the power of our lord Jesus Christ, I smiled and said no thanks, slightly increasing my walking speed. Between my pounding hearbeats I heard him mutter "dude, you look like you need a second chance." Do I? What is it about me that says I need a second chance? Could he tell that my hangover really was that bad? The second crazy meeting came about 200 yards down the road. My pace has slowed back to normal yet my mind was filled with questions of second chances when a bespectacled old man, 40-ish, wearing a funny elf-like hat jumped out of nowhere and screamed the name "John Aldridge!" (he's an ex-professional footballer, girls). I glanced around and he repeated his shout, this time with a brilliant addition: "John Aldridge! He's the ghost of Paul Gascoigne and he lives at Wembley! I've seen him"

Gotta love the man men

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