Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New songs and earthquakes

What a day yesterday was. It started with me trying, but failing, to do some work whilst Dave from Tubelord borrowed my beautiful CD duplicator to run off a couple of hundred Colour CDs, before we make the trip into London to meet Ivano and start working through the mass of 6 Machine entries. Some were great, some were ok, some were horrible. We pick a few bands for the shortlist then dash right across London to meet Secondsmile in the studio. Oli (Meet Me In St Louis) has already recorded his violin parts and Dan (This Town Needs Guns) is just getting started on his trumpet. Darren (Rock Sound) is sitting in the corner cracking rubbish jokes. Everyone has brackets after their name in this industry. A Thai meal, a few drinks and a can of Strongbow on the streets of Shoreditch later we're back in the studio for our first taste of some very un-mixed Secondsmile tracks. Even in their early stage they already sound incredible. Look forward to me boasting about how much I'm enjoying them sometime late next week.

I got home around 1am quite drunk and felt the house move. I put it down to the booze and the fact that I'd watched about 7 hours of Lost the night before, leaving paranoid thoughts of 'others' and huge magnetic forces rife in mind, until I read this.

Also upon my return home I discovered that Gem had taken it upon herself to move the office upstairs around. My computer desk has revolved 90 degrees and I now find myself with my back to the TV and shoulder to the burning sun coming through the window. I don't know much about Feng Sui but today has been my most pro-active morning for a while and I'm feeling relaxed. My aura is pure.

Off to London again in a bit to meet some friends, 'enjoy' a meal at Wetherspoons, go for a meeting and watch Hush The Many play the final night of their residency at the Wilmington Arms. Good times all round. Same time tomorrow, Bat fans.

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