Monday, 4 February 2008

Big Blue

Last night, having been mildly disappointed by Semifinalists new lineup and songs, I continued my love affair with the New York Giants, spending four long yet quite exciting hours watching them win the Super Bowl, described by many as the biggest upset in the history of the sport. And how fitting that it be Plaxico Burress (an incredible name, if ever I've heard one) wearing my lucky number 17 on his back who catches the winning touchdown pass with just seconds left to go. Jack (Alcopop) and I will be the first to admit we know nothing of the games rules, tactics, the bizarrely long half-time break or the commentators dramatic "I think I'm going to cry" statements, but we muddled our way through, working out who had the upper hand, thanks to watching the fluctuating betting odds and monitoring which sides players appeared to be slapping their team-mates the most. A surprisingly enjoyable spectacle, all told.

Today the latest episode of the BSM podcast goes live. It features music from This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord, Secondsmile, Richard Walters, Molia Falls and not one, but two demos of the month! There's also a somewhat shocking email we received from Dave Benson Phillips, and lots more chat. Download it now from or itunes

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