Thursday, 28 February 2008


Another excellent night last night. Jack Alcopop and I made our way into London mid-afternoon, armed with a few drinks for the ride and no clue of where it was we were going to. Having spotted Arsenal on the underground map we decided to head there and see what it's like. Mostly residential we found a road with a couple of pubs and a handful of brilliant greasy cafe's. In the first pub we felt like every person there was a potential stabber, and in the second pub the angry Irish barman was so annoyed by us putting 'Country House' by Blur on the jukebox he shouted "Jesus Christ" stormed across the room and switched it off. Very friendly. The thing which struck me most about Arsenal was the stunning array of sleepy old people. There was the woman who nodded off with a fork in her mouth in the Gunner's Fish Bar:

The man with a brilliant face (left, not Jack, his is average at best) in the Star Cafe:

And best of all was the lad who fell asleep with his face on his newspaper, although I unfortunately didn't have time to snap that shot as his friend quickly came over to rescue him before trying to catch some z's himself.

Finally we arrived at The Wilmington Arms in Farringdon to catch Hush The Many's brilliant, slightly stripped down set. I'm not really sure how to describe the band but I guess Arcade Fire's quieter, more thoughtful moments, meet Radiohead, but with more of a nod towards the acoustic side of things. More drinks, shots and questions of how much trouble I'd be in if I stole a London night bus, assualting the driver in the process, technically kidnapping all of the passengers and driving it home to Oxford, without a licence, insurance or any other necessart doccumentation or qualifications, whilst somewhere in the region of 10 times over the alcohol limit. The night ended with a rousing rendition of 'hail to bus driver, the bus driver's drunk' and it was 4am before you could say "this has been another rubbish self-indulgent blog post." Sorry!

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