Tuesday, 26 February 2008

99% people of Sun readers want you dead

It feels like years since I last wrote to you, dear blog, but it's only been a few days. I hope you've missed me like I've missed you.

The Sun are currently running a promotion giving away European holidays for £19.50 per person, including ferry crossing and accomodation. With my last holiday now a whopping one month and two days gone-by it's time to plan another break-I-can't-afford-but-dearly-want-all-the-same. I have to collect 7 or 8 tokens printed in the paper over the next 10 days so have been making the short walk to the shop to pick it up each morning. Yesterdays front page was dominated with the words "99% of you want the death penalty back." Now I don't get involved in newspaper politics, or even opinions for that matter, but that's quite a stat. I'm yet to open the paper.

Today we start our trawl through the 6 Machine compilation submissions. At last count there was 121 of them so based upon an average of four minutes per track brings us upto around the 8 hour mark of musical enjoyment. Please God let it be enjoyment. Don't let me down, unsigned bands of the United Kingdon! Your musical output is set to shape by day and ensure the continued quality of the BSM release catalogue.

Also today I get my first airing of the new Secondsmile record. The band are in an East London studio all day recording violin and trumpet parts to be sent back to New York for the final mix. I always like this part of the album process. It's the part where the non-musical amongst us (ie me) are allowed to get involved and months of anticipation are broken with a series of listens, admiring the work, choosing a single and dreaming up promotional and video plans. There's also a chance it'll become a day of head-in-hands weeping and the realisation that you've agreed to release a piece of shit. Thankfully I'm yet to have one of those days and there's not a first time for everything!

We're about to announce a new release on Alcopop. It's not up on the website or Myspace yet but I'll give you a sneak peak right here. Shhh!

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