Wednesday, 9 January 2008

We're bigger than Memphis

Things I have been doing lately:

1) Working my way through this list of 90's dance music videos

2) Listening to the forthcoming Tubelord single. Again and again and...

3) Reading endless ridiculous football transfer gossip, none of which will ever happen but excites me nonetheless

4) Looking forward to next weeks holiday and the fact that Andrew WK is playing an instrumental piano show in a tiny Manhattan bar whilst I'm there

5) Discovering I love Copy Haho

6) Planning releases, tours and crazy guerrilla marketing ideas

7) Eating food pre-fixed with the words "Tesco" and "Value"

8) Announcing the Anathallo single and Manchester Orchestra tour dates

9) Rhyming words with cheers (big ears) when giving thanks

10) Making pointless lists

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