Sunday, 13 January 2008

The guy all the bad girls want

Another weekend over with, I hope yours was filled with fun. I did nothing and it was blissful.

I've only just noticed that my hastily posted Anathallo tour flyer below is completely blurred beyond recognition. How disappointing. If you want to know what it says, go here

Is anyone else receiving a silly amount of spam friend adds on Myspace right now? All of them have hot, bikini-clad, profile pictures and 200 million+ friends. Maybe it's not spam, maybe BSM has become really cool and improved my social standing to the point that every popular pretty girl in the world wants a piece? I think the spam idea's a touch more likely but a heap less exciting.

So, New York on Thursday, can't wait! It's List Central round here right now. I've got a white-board filled with things I need to do before I leave and I have a page of a notebook covered with things I mustn't forget to pack. Both of them fill me with fear but for quite opposite reasons.

A cheque for £2.91 from an Ebay winner is sitting next to me. A return to the city centre (and the nearest Lloyds bank) on the bus costs £2.70 and will take an hour of my time including travel there and back, plus time walking around. This does not take into consideration a) old people who walk really slowly right in front of me, b) bumping into someone I know, c) getting distracted by shops or d) going for a cheeky Kfc. After deducting my expenses, the 21p profit just doesn't seem that worthwhile and far far less than the hourly wage such work would usually demand. Somewhat ironically, it's 1p more profit than I made after placing £15 on a number of bets on this weekends football fixtures. Financial irony is a cruel bitch.

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