Thursday, 31 January 2008

Footy footy footy!

The transfer window closes at midnight tonight making this one of the best days of the season without featuring any actual football. Rumours have been flying around for hours now. "My hairdresser's cousin saw so and so getting a taxi to dot dot dot", "I was cutting the grass at blah blah blah and saw Mr X shaking the chairman's hand", they're all amazing and never an ounce of truth in any of them. I've fought hard with my working schedule today with Sky Sports News playing in the background and now, at 6pm, it's time to give in and wave the white flag. Bring it on Murdoch, keep the footy news flowing!

I've found my way onto the guestlist for New Found Glory in Oxford tonight (the first of three guestlisted trips to the Zodiac in the next four days - they're going to love me!) so look forward to spending the evening singing along like I'm 17 all over again!

Come to this gig. It's free for all, not just dirty blaggers:
(it says This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord, Colour and Pennines at Barden's Boudoir in London - 12th Feb, by the way)


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