Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I've got REALLY into drinking apple juice lately. I bought some Tesco Value stuff last night and I can't decide what is the most piss-like thing about it: the look or the taste. Perhaps a combination of the two? It's good either way. Does that make me weird?

I've managed to shake off my cruel homecoming virus and now feel back to full strength, or weakness, I should really say. Strength isn't a world often associated with my physique. Looking back I'm in two minds as to where my bug came from. Part of me says I was missing New York more than my body could handle, the other part thinks it's something to do with the girl who was puking in the seat in front of me on the plane. It had been more than 10 years since I was last sick. 10 years!

It's a busy time round here at the BSMpire. Meet Me In St Louis are, of course, on tour right now (I wonder if they even remember what their own beds feel like any more?), This Town Needs Guns are off out with I Was A Cub Scout and Rolo Tomassi this weekend, Secondsmile jet off to New York to start work on their album next week and Anathallo arrive for their tour with Manchester Orchestra on Feb 9th, which is only about 10 days away now. Pretty cool, Millhouse. Looking past that we have Tubelord's single and tour in March, House of Brothers plays a bunch of shows with Jonquil, TTNG hitting the studio to record their album that same month, Secondsmile touring the UK and hopefully Eastern Europe with Colour in April and MMISL trying out some possible replacement vocalists. Holy-overloaded-schedule, Batman.

Tonight I have some friends coming round. We're going to drink, eat chicken from a bucket, watch football and then the Royal Rumble. Pretty much the most manly fun you can have without involving alternative sexualities.

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