Friday, 7 December 2007

You know you're Billy Big Balls when...

...NME write this about a show you put on: “Hadouken, The Subways and The Rakes could all be found crushed into Camden's Enterprise for Meet Me In St Louis' last show with their current singer. Anyone looking to apply for said role should apply in writing on their Myspace site”

You also know you're Billy when Sam Isaac is the main featured artist on Myspace this week, clocking up literally thousands of hits within the first few hours alone.

And you really know, beyond any shaddow of doubt, that you are indeed Mr Big Balls when you receive an email from Rawle D. Lewis, AKA Junior Bevil in Cool Runnings, and he ends it with the line "Peace, Music Man"

Sheer bliss.

I'm now off to warm up some cold fish and chips from last night and to ready myself for dancing to goFASTER at Koko tonight.

1 comment:

squeak said...

Getting an email from Junior Bevil would be enough to classify this as the "best day ever".

Well done Mr Big Balls.