Sunday, 30 December 2007

Stop the carvery

So that's the festivities over for another year then, did everyone have fun? My Christmas day was slightly reminiscent of Dawn French's, waking up at home to eat leftover Chinese from the night before, legging it to my parents house for a big meal at 1pm before making the 2 hour drive up to Peterborough to enjoy a second one with Gem's family at 3.30. I would've been asleep by 6 had it not been for back to back to back action films and late night poker on TV. Worst present of the year award goes to my little sister who bought me some washing up gloves.

I'm off to New York in just over 2 weeks and have no money. Seriously, I'm fresh out. Starting to worry about my impending time spent sleeping on the cold streets of Manhattan. Something will come up, I'm sure.

For the first time in about as long as I can remember I'm going to try and avoid making new year resolutions. There's just no point. I'll have forgotten about them by January 10th, probably not remembering again until next December by which time I've failed on 9 out of 10 counts and be too busy/lazy to try and do anything about it. I am, however, going to set myself a few vague goals for BSM, therefore giving myself a nice get-out clause in that I can shift the blame onto others if any of them don't happen. Off the top of my head, early targets will include...

- Improve mailorder turnaround time
- Increase distribution outside of the UK
- Double blog readership in Peru (see earlier post)
- Release an album which at least one person (not including myself or the artists) proclaims to be the best record of 2008
- Get a band to tour Europe again (I want a cheap holiday)
- Release something on an unconventional format
- Single-handedly save the UK music industry

Enjoy the final hours of 2007 and have a safe trip into 2008

Take it sleazy

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