Monday, 17 December 2007


What a disgraceful weekend that was. It all started Thursday night in London where we had tears, fights, blood, stitches, dancing, road accidents, a kebab shop argument and, of course, way too much alcohol. The tour then moved to Oxford Friday, seeing us all beating our hangovers by going for much of the same, but this time with the addition of being thrown out of a club for sleeping in the toilets, a musical tramp and basically no other memories. And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, the tour moves up north to Middlesborough whilst I decide to stay in Oxford to join Gemma's brother and friends for a night out drinking. After 7 hours in expensive bars, mixing all manner of wine, cocktails and spirits I find myself watching breakdancing and invisible skipping ropes in the back room of a club, in much the same mental state as the nights before, yet somehow only £5 poorer than at the beginning of the evening! Sunday, I'm pleased to report, was spent in front of the football slipping in and out of consciousness.

Focussing on the music for a moment, it was a fantastic couple of nights with all of the bands at their brilliant best. Dartz, Secondsmile and This Town Needs Guns all debuted new tracks, as did Frank Turner in London and Pennines, who were playing only their third ever show, in Oxford. Both gigs were sold out/absolutely packed so thanks to everyone who came along and I hope you're enjoying the free CD.

Sam Isaac's 'Sideways' debuted at number 18 in the indie charts yesterday and number 112 in the physical only singles chart. Not too bad for a week packed out with re-hashed Christmas "classics" and dubious new entries.

Christmas is getting ever closer. I've now bought a few presents but, being the busy shop-hating scrooge I am, decided to purchase everything online this year and so far not a single gift has shown up. I'm planning a very quick visit to the city centre one morning this week to pick up wrapping paper and the final couple of presents, with my ipod set to the play most tranquil music I own, without which I don't think I'll survive what is surely set to be one of the most frustrating days of the year.

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