Monday, 3 December 2007

Kev 1 - Gravity 0

I've fixed my BSM storage unit/tired old wardrobe. Last week the thing cracked under the weight of good music but with the added support of some old books (including a palm reading guide, a cook book and a couple of old diaries) it's business as usual round these here parts.

I've had a bit of a podcast moment. Much of my morning has been spent learning how to upload a podcast to itunes (rss-what?) in preparation of the first BSM episode, and just as I conquer that challenge I learn that everyone's favourite daily rag, The Sun, will be featuring Mr Isaac in their podcast next week! That's on top of him being a featured artist on Myspace and having his video (you've seen that now, right? How good are those cakes?) featured on there the week after. A joyous Monday morning thus far.

New issue of Rock Sound comes out on Wednesday and between you and me they've got at least one of their tips for 2008 right. House of Brothers y'all. It's the future. And on the subject of HOB tips... Free MP3 to all Friend of The Family members today. You heard it here first.

Here's a video:

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