Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The history of Christmas

We're getting closer and closer to Christmas but I'm not really feeling it yet. Perhaps it's because I don't have any decorations up? Perhaps it's because I haven't bought any presents yet? Maybe it's because I'm getting old and Scrooge-like? Even the couple knocking on my door to tell me about the wonder of Jesus Christ a few minutes ago did nothing for me.
I plan to launch myself head first into the spirit of the season tomorrow with the first date of the BSM / Xtra Mile Christmas Tour (with Dartz, Secondsmile and This Town Needs Guns). It's at The Luminaire and sold out sometime over a week ago. Our huge guestlist on top means that the place will be cosy to say the least, and I fear Santa may have his work cut out for him trying to make his way through the crowds. If years gone by are anything to judge it on he won't mind though.

This will be the 5th BSM Christmas Party and they've never failed to disappoint:

2003 - The Verge in Kentish Town, with My Awesome Compilation and some other bands I can't even remember now! All I do remember is that two of them had to pull out because they were snowed in, I got drunk and arrived 10 minutes after the doors (which I was supposed to be manning) had opened, my friend ate a badge and the MAC bassist accidently kicked a hole in a wall before we were all chased out of the building.

2004 - The Metro on Tottenham Court Road, with Secondsmile, Sparks Lights & Flames, Boom In The Diamond Industry, Kneehigh and a little known lad from Southend called Get Cape Wear Cape Fly opening the bill, playing his first ever London show. The place was packed, some kid bought a Christmas log cake and left it on the bar for everyone, a friend of mine had his trousers pulled down in front of a girl he fancied and it turned out to be Secondsmile's last show with their singer, Olly, as he left the band after the show, having got drunk, naked and a few other things!

2005 - The Barfly in Camden with Secondsmile, Jairus, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Itch. One year on and Secondsmile return to headline, this time with a new sound and one less member. The show was part of the first BSM Christmas tour, sponsored by Rock Sound, and saw a wall in my house nearly pulled to the ground, us all being denied entry to clubs in three different cities and Sam Get Cape lose a different item each night. In Manchester the venue doors had to be locked because he thought his laptop had been stolen, Coventry he couldn't find his guitar case, London he misplaced his trousers, Southend he, along the rest of, lost his mind after a midweek all-dayer which ran into the early hours with way too much booze, and Oxford he lost everything, and for real this time, as a thief made away with his bag containing laptop, wallet and many other posessions. A bizzare end to a day which also saw him record his first ever Radio One session. A real roller coaster of emotions!

2006 - Back to The Barfly in Camden, again with Secondsmile, this time joined by Meet Me In St Louis, Yndi Halda and the winner of our unsigned band contest, which, after 200+ entries and thousands of votes, was Haemostatic Picnic Races. This was another Rock Sound sponsored tour and a whole lot of fun, with Get Cape ending up playing an impromptu acoustic set whilst Yndi were setting up. We all then got drunk and danced a lot. I can't remember anything else so I guess it was good fun?

2007 - Watch this space...

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