Sunday, 2 December 2007

D, I, S, C, O

Last night I went to a roller disco. A fricking roller disco! I spent two hours literally walking around rendering my 8 wheels effectively redundant except for the times some idiot would crash into me and they'd suddenly start spinning out of control, sending me hurtling towards the barrier, a group of people or the floor. Sometimes all three. The majority of skaters there were pretty good, despite the terrible retro clothing, there were a couple of complete novices like myself and there was a small group of afro and vest-clad show-offs zipping in and out of the crowds and spinning around like the Warriors turned gay. When my time clumping around on wheels was over I put my shoes back on and for the first time all night my feet started to try and slide. My brain works in funny directions sometimes.

Just updated the BSM advent calendar and I'm going to let you into a little secret: Behind door 2 is a free MP3 of Meet Me In St Louis' 'Eins Zwei Drei Hasslehoff'. FREE I tell ya. Go take advantage. This one's on Santa

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Barbara Barrett said...

Just found this site interesting... Gonna bookmark this page on my browser and read a lot more!