Thursday, 20 December 2007

Class of 2007

So many of you enjoyed the Class of 2006 promotion we ran last year it seemed only right to bring it back for a second term, suitably updated, of course...

Click here to purchase or here to peruse the shop... And then purchase, obviously :-)

Last night, after my delve into the forthcoming live music events of New York, I moved onto sports and tried to purchase tickets for the Knicks v Celtics basketball game at Madison Square Garden. The $10, 5 tier high, bearly-visible-but-remember-the-cheap-as-chips-price-so-can't-complain seats immediately jumped at me and I tried to purchase a couple. Refused. Ok, I'll upgrade, it's still only about £12. Nope. An hour later and I'm still having no joy. Two hours later and I'm on the phone to Ticketmaster in NY, furiously answering their stupid questions whilst angrily clicking through website after website of touts who have bought up all of my $10 seats and are now selling on for 5 times the price! Those damn pirates, I was livid!

Well, Knicks, I can now let you know you and your morrally-inificient tickets have officially lost my support as I have discovered that the St John's Red Storm (a local college side) are also playing during my trip and have tickets, a whole tier lower for only an extra £2.50, still available for me to purchase. That's one in your eye, stupid touts! And not only that, but the Red Storm appear to have the single greatest sports logo I have ever seen.

Go Storm! Wooh!

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