Monday, 10 December 2007

The Big Day

So today's the big day. Sam Isaac's 'Sideways' single is finally out. We've worked our butts off on this one over the past couple of months and it's been a lot of fun! 15 Radio One plays, a bunch from Radio Two and 6 Music, playlisted on Xfm and Virgin, artist of the week on Myspace and so much more. To celebrate the release we're giving away free posters to the first 10 people to order it, as part of our ongoing Advent Calendar promotion. Also, if you have a spare 79p and fancy helping a brother our, 'Sideways' is available now on itunes and we're looking to shift as many as we can this week. Just click here to purchase it. Christmas number one looks a bit above us, but I've got my eye on the number 200 spot!

The video for 'Lose Yourself' by House of Brothers is up online now. I really like it. See what you think:

The BSM/Xtra Mile Records Christmas tour (featuring Dartz, Secondsmile and This Town Needs Guns) starts on Thursday in London, before moving onto Oxford, Middlesborough, Birmingham and Sheffield. Both the London and Middlesborough dates are now sold out. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about 'Boro but I've managed to keep two tickets aside for London and, in the true spirit of Friend of The Family, have decided to run another competition! If you want to win them head over to right now. You'll also find competitions to win a copy of everything we've released in 2007 and to win a bunch of rare promo CDs and DVDs. Be quick, deadline for the tickets is lunchtime Wednesday 12th Dec.

Final thought: Reading > Liverpool. 3-1 says so.

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