Thursday, 22 November 2007

Yndi Halda guest blog

I've decided that my rants and ramblings simply aren't enough to give you a true reflection of what's going on at BSM, so I've decided to invite the bands to join in and post guest blogs from time to time, telling you about what they're upto and talking about whatever happens to be on their minds.

The first one up is James from Yndi Halda...

Hello world,

here are a few things:

1 - We are very much looking forward to our final shows of the year.One of which is the Electric Lands Festival in Lagny-Sur-Marne, Paris,on the 15th of December. Details are

2 - Another last show of the year will be on the 22nd of December at the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds. We tend not to do one-off showsoutside London because they're often difficult to get to, but thisbeing a church and a charity event we couldn't turn it down. We aregoing to make this show as special as we can. We may play the entirety of enjoy eternal bliss in order, and we'll probably film it.

3 - We have one more show planned, but not in any detail yet.

4 - We are playing alongside Sylvain Chauveau in Paris on the 15th.He's one of our favourites, and the record he wrote with his partner,Felicia, will be released on O Rosa Records early in the new year.We'll start taking pre-orders soon. You can hear some of that record at

5 - There will be a new A Lily release in February 2008 (details soon).

6 - Our friend Hannah is very clever and made

I think that's everything for now.

Goodbye world.

yh x


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