Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Radio killed the video star

Screw video, we own the radiowaves!

Monday Steve Lamacq played Sam Isaac on his Radio One show, last night Colin Murray did the same (for the third time!) and this lunchtime, in a shocking turn of daytime radio events - as first reported on the Alcopop! blog - Jo Whiley has jumped onto the bandwagon/pledged her allegiance/added us as a friend/whatever term is currently popular to effectively say "hell yeah!"

Describing the single as "gorgeous", as well as promising to play it again, we're all pretty chuffed. Buy the single now from - Make Jo happy!

The good news radio vibes don't end there either... Tune in to John Kennedy's Xfm show tonight to hear Meet Me In St Louis live in session, recorded just 24 hours ago in their Leicester Square studios. The four tracks, all taken from the band's 'Variations On Swing' record, will be Toby's final recorded output as a member of the band. Don't miss this little piece of history. Grab your wireless or click to between 10pm and 1am tonight

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