Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Alcohol enduced creativity

Sunday night we had the first of this weeks three planned Alcopop! meetings. The night began with a trip to the Purple Turtle in Oxford to check out goFASTER, a brilliant indie pop band from Liverpool. Imagine The Young Knives crossed with The Wombats, but influenced by the likes of Make Believe, Owls, Cap n Jazz etc, and throw in a butt-load of cheeky scouse charm. They played a blinding set then we crushed them at table football, twice, before saying our goodbyes and returning home to tackle the second tack on our agenda: Alcopopular Vol. 2's artwork.

Alcopopular Vol. 2, the second in our line of compilations on alternative formats, is a 16 track cassette due out on 1st January 2008, limited to just 98 copies. It was supposed to be 100 but an ex-housemate destroyed 2 of the tapes with vomit. Between the hours of 12am and 3am we sat in my kitchen spraying 30-something tapes, heads spinning from the toxic fume and alcoholic combo, yet too afraid to open a window due to the artic conditions of the outside world. I fell off my chair as my head clouded over and then we had a late night in-depth discussion about the state of the music industry. A successful meeting behind us, we had outrageously designed cassettes, painted fingers and inspired ideas to carry forward.

Today is the second of this weeks meets, this time with a changed location of London. Ahead of us lays 12 hours in the city, 2 buses, 6 trains, 2 gigs, an all you can eat Chinese buffet, 2 hipflasks, lots of picking up/dropping off of CDs and a couple of hours of flyering action. All of this fitting in around the continuation and moving forward of our drunkenly creative, hazy, Sunday night ideas.

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