Monday, 1 October 2007

A very reliable source

I've just updated the BSM Myspace blog with an update of last months comings and goings. Click here to have a read of that along with past monthly entries, and see below for a couple of stories ripped from said blog, which I thought I would share with you here too:

The scary man at the post office guessed that I work in music from the number of CD shaped parcels I've been sending over the past couple of months and decided to offer me the very priveleged job of selling a box of his old vinyl for him. Ever heard of Frankie Kuntz? Of course you haven't. I told him I don't think these records would fetch much and having fled from his death stare I've been too scared to return for the past 4 weeks.

Check out Deal Or No Deal this month as a friend of the label's, Ed (who some of you may recorgnise as the elf from the BSM Christmas parties) attempts to get rich. Good luck lad! FYI: Ed's the one on the left, no, wait...

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