Friday, 26 October 2007

Ska punk and 17 year old boys

One of the first ever BSM releases was a compilation CD entitled 'You Do Know What This Means, Don't You?'. It featured 24 punk and ska bands, some of whom me and my juvenile ears considered to be the most important bands in the world at the time, along with a picture of the Thundercats inside the booklet. I think it's fair to say I was a pretty bog-standard, typical student. The CD went on to sell the best part of 70 copies, proving just how well I knew my new-found job, with the remaining 430 still sitting boxed up in my parents garage. Looking back at the release there are quite a few things which make me cringe, but there are also two things I will always be proud of. In the week that one of them, the mighty Finch (who's first ever UK release came thanks to the demo version of 'Letters To You' on this very compilation), announce that they are to reform, my other favourite thing about the release is coming to an end. Probably my all-time favourite UK punk band, the fantastic Capdown, as they finish up their farewell tour.

Last night they headlined at the Carling Academy Oxford. Each and every hit was rolled out. Cousin Cleatus, Ska Wars, even Bitches And Nike Shoes had an airing. It was a wonderful night. Well, at least it would've been, had it not been for the audience.

Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I've turned into a snob, but kids these days, bloody hell! Jumping around, bumping into people, dripping their horrible sweat all over the place like disgusting little snail trails! It was like some kind of zoo in there. A special mention has to go to the particuarly awful bunch standing right in front of us who sent their oldest looking crony to the bar and, upon his return with one pint of cider, flocked around him all sticking their noses in and taking a tiny, illegal, sip like rebel birds drinking from the forbidden fountain.

I wonder how many of them are sitting in their bedrooms plotting their own 'You Do Know What This Means, Don't You?' compilation CD right now?

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Housewives? said...

Aw man I know just what you mean. I saw Big D and the Kids Table a couple weeks ago and heard some kids (I dunno they looked like they were 14)in front of me talking about how they just wanted to get in the pit to elbow someone in the jaw or punch someone in the back. Damn kids today. *shakes fist*