Sunday, 7 October 2007

Saturday afternoon in the city

To all of the people who walk really, really slowly down the high street, folk who stop abruptly right in front of me for no reason at all, old women who stand in the middle of aisles blocking the whole shop up and rude boy kids who strut around with their trousers tucked into their socks and their caps barely touching the tops of their shaved heads: What the hell are you playing at?!

There's something about busy Saturdays in packed city centres which really makes my blood boil. Well actually, that's four things.

On a happier note: The first pressing of the Meet Me In St Louis album is nearly gone already and the second one has just been ordered. Two new releases - which haven't even been announced publicly yet - are also being pressed right now, and I'm downloading the House of Brothers EP artwork as I type this. I've also just polished off a nice looking new flyer design and have placed an order for some new t-shirts. It's 11am on a Sunday, I'm hungover from drinking too much cider last night (mostly to help succumb by shopping rage) and all I want to do today is lay on the sofa and watch football, but unlike the big guy upstairs, I don't get to rest today. I must be wicked.

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