Thursday, 11 October 2007

Please tell me why I'm sleeping with my clothes on

I've known about this for a couple of days now but last night it became public knowledge: Jairus have decided to call it a day. I won't go into details but a statement will be up on the band's Myspace page soon. We're hoping to release the new album via itunes in early 2008 as planned, so if you were looking forward to hearing it, you still can. As I said on the press release regarding the band's demise: "There are currently no plans for a £40 vinyl discbox set". That's me mocking Radiohead that is. Topical.

On a brighter note, how good were Lit?

We had another Alcopop! meeting last night, after playing football for two hours. I drank a bottle of citrus vodka and we made yet more industry shaping plans; some ridiculously good, some just ridiculous. This morning I can't decide which hurts the most, my legs or my head.

Today I plan to listen to everything The Get Up Kids ever recorded, in chronological order, of course.

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