Monday, 15 October 2007

Jhazz never spelt so good

So my bet didn't come in on Saturday. It's another week of poverty for me. England won the rugby though, which I guess is good news? I would love to go on a rant now about how everyone suddenly becomes a fan at times like this, but as anyone who knows me would testify: I bloody hate rugby! An opinion further enforced after watching the game at a crowded pub with a whole squad of steroid-filled local players.

Have you downloaded the House of Brothers MP3 yet? No? Well shame on you.

Favourite new band of the day: Tera Melos. Technically not a new band having been around for quite some time, and officially they're not even a new band to me, as I first heard them a few months back now, but I'm counting them as new because last week was when I finally 'got' them for the first time. When listening before I just couldn't quite get my head around the time changes, the random bits of guitar noise, basically the awkward determination to steer clear of producing anything at all easily accessible. Well I've changed my mind. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of band's forthcoming split CD with By The End of Tonight, which unlike their material I've heard before, features vocals and an amazing poppy The Fall of Troy meets Settlefish, Hella and Aphex Twin sound to it, obviously whilst still being weirdly eccentric. Listen to 'When Worms Learn To Fly' and see what you think

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