Saturday, 27 October 2007

Food for thought

I've just got home from my first ever trip to a UK branch of Lidl, surprised by the lack of British products available, yet pleased and amused by the large bag of Pommes Frites I picked up. That E in GCSE German came in handy at last.

An interesting night last night, but not for any hard partying reasons. Feeling the effects from a busy week which took in four gigs and two bottles of vodka, I stayed in with the laptop in front of the TV, searching Google for the words "UK music industry future". It was mostly out of intrigue to see what's going on out there in the big wide online world, but also in the hope to find some sort of insurance that me and my independent record label can survive these difficult times.

No obvious answers were found, as you may imagine, but some interesting articles nonetheless, some four years old yet discussing ideas and trends which I'm only just beginning to think about right now. It's times like this that make me realise I'm not quite as up to date as I might like, and for all of my short-term, "crazy" ideas, I need to some catching up. And fast!

It feels weird to work in an industry going through so much change and uncertainty. Everyone knows that the digital era is changing everything, but what no one can currently predict is just how it well effect us all. Theories of monthly subscription packages offering unlimited, legal, free downloads seems a popular opinion, as does the thinking that independent labels will out-live major labels and their multitude of overheads, with vinyl overtaking CD and coming back to the forefront of the physical music market.

I wonder if I look back at this in one, five or ten years time how much will have changed to the way I, as a consumer, buy music, and as a record label owner, sell music? I wonder if any of the predictions I read last night will have come true? I wonder if BSM will still be operating?

I'm off to eat some cheap, European food and ponder over some music industry shaping ideas. Have a good weekend.

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