Thursday, 4 October 2007


As well as BSM I also co-run Alcopop! Records with my former housemate and good friend, Jack. After leaving our shared house in June, Jack moved west to Bristol with his girlfriend. This put an end to our nights of cutting and folding CD sleeves infront of the TV and ridiculous midweek drinking binges dreaming up hairbrained schemes for the label... Or that's what we thought! Last night Jack came down and our "meeting" panned out as such:

Arriving at 7pm we downed a couple of large vodka's and came up with possibly the best gimmick the record industry has ever heard of (tbc). We caught the bus to Cowley Road where we met a couple of the guys from a local band (whose name, for now, will remain a secret. Note: they have a digital release coming out soon and you might have heard of them, but that's all I'm saying) for a curry and to discuss a future release or three, arriving late as we stopped off, sorry, went out of our way to get to, the dodgy off licence where everything is 50p and 2 years+ out of date. The curry and drink went down, ideas were discussed, plans were made and we set off on our way back home with a couple of cans of Pimms for the road. 50p each, of course, years out of date, obviously. A cocktail of leftover alcohol was created and we hit the office around midnight, stumbling up the stairs and spilling drink everywhere just in time to tune into Huw Stephens. In the following few hours we, drunkenly, designed a flyer for our next London Alcopop! show (see below), listed the tickets online, wrote a press release, started a Facebook event and updated the website with the info. Turning our attentions to 4 or 5 Magicians and their upcoming single we sorted the artwork and sent the master off to be pressed and updated the website and Myspace with pre-order details. Moving onto the next release, a compilation tape due out in November, we listened through the 15 tracks, decided on an order, plotted a couple of promotional and marketing plans, worked out the artwork and then mastered the tracks to make sure they were all at the same volume and the gaps were correct. With all of this complete we allowed ourselves some time for more stumbling around, to send texts into Huw's show, hoping they would be read out on air and embarrass our friends, we checked out and laughed at some terrible, terrible bands on Myspace, poured another large cocktail and talked proudly about our earlier plan. You know, the best one to ever hit the music industry (tbc).

I rolled into bed at 4.30am, tired yet satisfied after another successful Alcopop! "meeting". Raise your glasses, ladies and gentlemen, this is rock n roll.

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