Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Today I'm hungover. Really, really hungover.

Thankfully last week's flu passed just in time for me to head up to In The City in Manchester on Sunday to catch The New 1920, Data.Select.Party and a few other, mostly terrible, bands, get stupidly drunk, find my way into a free bar party at a very nice hotel, eat chicken, chips and gravy, then pass out watching baseball. Monday wasn't so fun with a very stressful trip back to Oxford, only to leave for London and the Alcopop! gig half an hour later. Still, all went well there, the band's were great, the people were, as always, great, and I once again got drunk. Great.

I'm now sitting here in an England football shirt and checkered pyjama trousers, staring through bloodshot, bearly open eyes at my computer trying to pick my way through something like 500 emails. Excellent time for a hangover.

In musical news, Meet Me In St Louis are on tour with An Emergency right now and begin their dates with Hell Is For Heroes later on this week. The New 1920 were played on Zane Lowe's Radio One show last night. Sam Isaac supports Edwyn Collins at the Electric Proms on Sunday. This Town Needs Guns just have a couple more shows left on their October tour before they take November off to write their next record. Secondsmile have nearly finished writing theirs. And the House of Brothers EP is bloody brilliant.

My head's cloudy and I keep typing the wrong words. According to my first effort at the above paragraph, TTNG only have a couple more shoes left on their October tour.

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