Thursday, 20 September 2007

The wind in Brighton

Yesterday I fled from home to the usually-lovely-but-this-time-disappointingly-windy seaside town of Brighton. The reason for the trip was Meet Me In St Louis' Kerrang photoshoot for their upcoming magazine feature and my chance to look like a high flying music exec. Daydreams of a lazy day on the beach, eating ice cream and playing crazy golf were quickly displaced by reality as I arrived late (as usual) and was asked to spend the next two hours holding some sort of light blocking camera prop, deparately trying not to let it blow away. Or more truthfully, not let it blow me away. Any delusions of grandeur I may have hoped to retain are snatched from me as I realise I am actually the lowest person here. I'm not the cool, artistic guy holding a huge camera calling the shots, I'm not one of the five scruffy rockstars posing menacingly whilst onlookers look puzzled and think "ooh I wonder if they're famous?", hell I'm not even the lonely guy stood down near the sea watching as a sick seal gets washed up to shore. I'm the little, hungover, heavily windswept, clearly unimpressed guy who doesn't even look strong enough to hold onto a piece of material as the freezing cold weather raps around my face and my eyes blink with windy tears. Ah well, at least in years to come I can proudly show off copies of the magazine, pointing to the stunning photo feature and then, when asked, lie through my teeth saying "nah, I wasn't there. I simply don't have time for low budget shoots like that".
Brighton and Kerrang 1 - Kevin Douch the wishful highflyer 0.

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