Saturday, 22 September 2007

Rolodex Propaganda

Last night I saw At The Drive-In headline The Underworld in Camden. At least, I saw Sam Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and four of my friends flailing around on stage, reading words from the floor and rocking out in big afro wigs. It was, sadly, as close as I'll ever get to seeing one of my all-time favourite bands play live.

Shameful story: When ATD-I infamously ripped up the small Carling tent at the Reading festival a few years, I instead opted to watch Gomez on the main stage so that I could sing along to 'Whippin' Piccadily'. Good song, poor choice.

Tonight is my first visit to the newly opened Zodiac, or Carling Academy Oxford, if you're that way inclined. With Secondsmile supporting The Fall of Troy and Daughters upstairs and This Town Needs Guns playing main support to The Young Knives in the new, large, 1000 capacity room downstairs, it's a nicely BSM endorsed evening and I look forward to good times running up and down the stairs trying to see as many bands as possible. Before that, however, I have a date with Jeff Stelling and my TV.

Favourite song in the world today: Colour - 'Over The Moon'

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the tooth collector said...

i ran from gomez to catch about half of the at the drive in set...