Thursday, 27 September 2007


How bloody cold is it right now? Seriously, someone give Mother Nature a prod and tell her to wake up!

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Maida Vale studios for the second time in my life and managed to keep up my 100% tradition of arriving late. This Town Needs Guns and Cats And Cats And Cats were recording a joint session for Huw Stephens Radio One show in the famous Studio Four. I don't actually know for sure that it's famous, but it's a big room with a lovely grand piano, a balcony and amazing acoustics where I like to assume that everyone who is anyone has previously recorded. I read a rumour a few months back that they were planning on tearing the studios down because their analogue setup is too out-dated. I really hope that isn't true. If I was a boaster I'd probably say that I know the least about recording and sound quality of everyone who has ever worked in the music industry, but to my untrained ears the sound in there is stunning.

The two bands recorded three songs each to promote their new split CD (out now - so buy it, right!), and they're due to air next week at midnight on Wednesday 3rd Oct. Thanks to the wonderful David S. Blanco, here's a short montage video of TTNG's session, just to wet your appetite for the show...

I'm having one of those days today where I'm 24 hours ahead of myself. Weird. I need to catch up because today I have to... hold on, take a deep breath before you continue reading, this is about to get crazy... sort through my backlog of mailorders, before trying to fix the odd errors which keep popping up on my computer, whilst replying to lots of emails and then, to round it all off, sort my accounts out for the whole of last year before they need submitting tomorrow!! It's a non-stop party train round here. Woop woop!

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