Sunday, 30 September 2007

Frankie says relax

I've decided to give myself a bit of a rest this weekend. Too much partying over the past couple of weeks has left me feeling crushed, physically, mentally and financially. Last night I watched the first episodes of the new series of Heroes and House, thanks to my new found best friend, bit torrents. A wonderful invention if ever I saw one.

The Fall of Troy, Daughters and Secondsmile tour ended Friday night in London in a haze of booze, dancing, a sold out Academy and kebab meat and chips. Good times.

Favourite band of the day: Anathallo. Sitting somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and The Polyphinic Spree, they're a 7-piece band from Chicago which aren't so much of an instant attention grabber as they are a beautiful thing which you'll learn to love over a series of plays. Check out their album 'Floating World' for the stunning artwork as much as the adorable, intelligent music.

Sending a big news mailout tomorrow. I'm never really sure how many people read them, let alone receive them in the first place. Curse spam filters! If you're reading this for the first time having learnt about it from said mailout, hi and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 27 September 2007


How bloody cold is it right now? Seriously, someone give Mother Nature a prod and tell her to wake up!

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Maida Vale studios for the second time in my life and managed to keep up my 100% tradition of arriving late. This Town Needs Guns and Cats And Cats And Cats were recording a joint session for Huw Stephens Radio One show in the famous Studio Four. I don't actually know for sure that it's famous, but it's a big room with a lovely grand piano, a balcony and amazing acoustics where I like to assume that everyone who is anyone has previously recorded. I read a rumour a few months back that they were planning on tearing the studios down because their analogue setup is too out-dated. I really hope that isn't true. If I was a boaster I'd probably say that I know the least about recording and sound quality of everyone who has ever worked in the music industry, but to my untrained ears the sound in there is stunning.

The two bands recorded three songs each to promote their new split CD (out now - so buy it, right!), and they're due to air next week at midnight on Wednesday 3rd Oct. Thanks to the wonderful David S. Blanco, here's a short montage video of TTNG's session, just to wet your appetite for the show...

I'm having one of those days today where I'm 24 hours ahead of myself. Weird. I need to catch up because today I have to... hold on, take a deep breath before you continue reading, this is about to get crazy... sort through my backlog of mailorders, before trying to fix the odd errors which keep popping up on my computer, whilst replying to lots of emails and then, to round it all off, sort my accounts out for the whole of last year before they need submitting tomorrow!! It's a non-stop party train round here. Woop woop!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Bruce Springsteen

Today I received a letter addressed to "The Manager, Big Scary Monsters". This, I think, is awesome.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Last night I missed all the fireworks

Saturday night I saw a wonderful thing. The Fall of Troy, Daughters and Secondsmile had been together for the past three days, performing, drinking and partying, reaching that point of the tour where they've now bonded sufficiently enough for their talents to unite and vent themselves in the one thing which brought them all together in the first place: music. The upstairs backstage area of the new Zodiac (much the same as the upstairs of the old Zodiac, for anyone who's interested) was the location as, aided by the Mac's Garageband program, the three bands sat down, many cans of beer in hands, and put their creativity to good use. American's saying "I whacked my balls on the stove" in cliched English accents, Snoop Dogg impressions, hand claps and ambient electronica music fused together, the track is to be completed this week and I hope to post it online as a world exclusive in the not too distant future. Come back soon.

In other news: For the first time in 6 years I missed Truck festival. Well, that's not entirely accurate as the word "missed" suggests I attempted to go but due to unfortunate circumstances didn't make it, whereas a better explanation might be that me and my AAA pass were too busy getting drunk at the Zodiac to worry about camping in an Oxfordshire countryside field at the end of September. My rock n roll cold-hating body can only cope with so much.

Also: I made my first ever trip to an Ikea store yesterday. I still don't know what I made of it.

And finally: Meet Me In St Louis' album is out now. I'm so glad to finally see it out there in the real world, having been sat on it (literally, at times) since March. It's an astonishing piece of work, even if I do say so myself. Here's a video:

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Rolodex Propaganda

Last night I saw At The Drive-In headline The Underworld in Camden. At least, I saw Sam Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and four of my friends flailing around on stage, reading words from the floor and rocking out in big afro wigs. It was, sadly, as close as I'll ever get to seeing one of my all-time favourite bands play live.

Shameful story: When ATD-I infamously ripped up the small Carling tent at the Reading festival a few years, I instead opted to watch Gomez on the main stage so that I could sing along to 'Whippin' Piccadily'. Good song, poor choice.

Tonight is my first visit to the newly opened Zodiac, or Carling Academy Oxford, if you're that way inclined. With Secondsmile supporting The Fall of Troy and Daughters upstairs and This Town Needs Guns playing main support to The Young Knives in the new, large, 1000 capacity room downstairs, it's a nicely BSM endorsed evening and I look forward to good times running up and down the stairs trying to see as many bands as possible. Before that, however, I have a date with Jeff Stelling and my TV.

Favourite song in the world today: Colour - 'Over The Moon'

Thursday, 20 September 2007

The wind in Brighton

Yesterday I fled from home to the usually-lovely-but-this-time-disappointingly-windy seaside town of Brighton. The reason for the trip was Meet Me In St Louis' Kerrang photoshoot for their upcoming magazine feature and my chance to look like a high flying music exec. Daydreams of a lazy day on the beach, eating ice cream and playing crazy golf were quickly displaced by reality as I arrived late (as usual) and was asked to spend the next two hours holding some sort of light blocking camera prop, deparately trying not to let it blow away. Or more truthfully, not let it blow me away. Any delusions of grandeur I may have hoped to retain are snatched from me as I realise I am actually the lowest person here. I'm not the cool, artistic guy holding a huge camera calling the shots, I'm not one of the five scruffy rockstars posing menacingly whilst onlookers look puzzled and think "ooh I wonder if they're famous?", hell I'm not even the lonely guy stood down near the sea watching as a sick seal gets washed up to shore. I'm the little, hungover, heavily windswept, clearly unimpressed guy who doesn't even look strong enough to hold onto a piece of material as the freezing cold weather raps around my face and my eyes blink with windy tears. Ah well, at least in years to come I can proudly show off copies of the magazine, pointing to the stunning photo feature and then, when asked, lie through my teeth saying "nah, I wasn't there. I simply don't have time for low budget shoots like that".
Brighton and Kerrang 1 - Kevin Douch the wishful highflyer 0.

Welcome home, Jellybean

I've finally given in and taken the plunge, deciding to setup my first real blog. Up until now I've posted randomly on Myspace (something which I will continue to do, I'm sure) but now I feel really cool. I mean, this is what all the kids are doing these days, isn't it?

Truth be told, the main reason I signed up to this website is because I thought the name "Blog Scary Monsters" was too good not to use - Simple things, and all that - but now I guess I'm going to have to find a way to justify my time and efforts, not to mention your time and boredom.

I guess I'll use this space to talk about upcoming Big Scary Monsters news, releases, tours, awesome bands from around the world, random stories, amusing videos and, most likely more often than not, whatever my latest fad is.

To get the new blog off to a winning start I've decided to begin as I intend to go on, and have stolen the below video from the wonderful 'Simply The Best' blog. Get ya weapons out.